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Now, there's been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Marvel and Sony's upcoming Spider-Man reboot - from what it'll be called to whether or not it'll be animated, all the way through to just who's going to play Spidey himself.

From the sounds of it, though, we might just be one step closer to finding out just who our new wall-crawler is - with the latest rumor to emerge suggesting that Marvel and Sony's shortlist has been whittled down from an initial five to a much more streamlined two.

In the words of professional rumor-wrangler Devin Faraci:

Meaning there's a very good chance that our new Spider-Man is set to be either Asa Butterfield...

Or Tom Holland...

The big question now, then?

Which One of Them Should Be Spider-Man?

Well, there's only one way to decide that - by pitting them head to head, and then letting you decide.

First up:

Vital Statistics

Asa: A (for an actor) hulking 5'10" tall, and only 18 years of age, Butterfield hails from London, England - but has an American accent that'll knock your socks off.

Tom: Shorter, at only 5'6" in height, and just about to turn 19, Holland also hails from London over in the UK - but has had less time to prove his accent is New York-born Spider-Man ready.

Big Break

Asa: Martin Scorcese's Hugo was a bigger showcase, but it was 2008's The Boy in the Striped Pajamas that first seared Butterfield's acting talent onto the retinas of the movie-going public.

Tom: 2012's The Impossible made Holland one of the hottest properties in Hollywood - but it was his stage work on Billy Elliot: The Musical that first brought him to the attention of movie-bosses.

Box Office Rep

Asa: With a solid total of $411,894,236 in international box office receipts, Butterfield may still be a way behind the likes of RDJ and Daniel Radcliffe, but he's no slouch when it comes to big budget returns.

Tom: Coming in behind with 'only' $171,083,612 (most of it from The Impossible), Holland's tally is likely to rocket up with this year's Chris Hemsworth-starring In the Heart of the Sea...

Action Cred

Asa: Ender's Game gave Butterfield a chance to show off his action chops - but Hugo was arguably just as good an action-apprenticeship.

Tom: If he can deal with making In the Heart of the Sea and The Impossible, he can deal with the demands of headlining a Marvel Studios picture.

What You Saw Them in Last

Asa: Most likely in Ender's Game, back in 2013 , but this year's A Brilliant Young Mind (already released internationally) is also a solid bet.

Tom: He's currently starring in the BBC show Wolf Hall - which you can catch on PBS...

Peter Parker-Esque 'X'-Factor

Asa: Already fully capable of rocking Peter's trademark shades - Butterfield can certainly play quiet and nerdy alongside the best of 'em.

Tom: Less conventionally geeky-seeming, Holland is still capable of exactly the right sort of fragile strength that's why we love Spidey so.

And, so, finally:



Who Should Play Spider-Man?

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