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Living with one other person is more than enough for me. But imagine moving into a house and having a few roommates. Oh, and did I mention they're dead?

I mean, imagine living in the house from Amityville Horror (2005). (Sorry, the best clip I could find was in Italian, but creepiness knows no borders!)

No wonder these nine houses are available for sale. It's one thing to put up with a messy roommate. But having a few that consistently wander around the halls with their footsteps echoing loudly, shriek at 3 AM, create cold drafts, and make strange bangs and bumps, no wonder they're still on the market.

However, if you're a heavy sleeper, able to block out noise, and prefer a cooler temperature because you tend to run a little warm, any of these houses would be more than perfect for you.

1. Ann Starrett Mansion

The Ann Starrett Mansion is now used as a boutique bed-and-breakfast, but was once the home of George and Ann Starrett. George designed this beautiful house, complete with a solar calendar and an eight-sided dome tower.

It is said that a female apparition with red hair will appear on the grounds, along with a male spirit. Many speculate that it is merely George and Ann, taking a stroll on the grounds of their very lovely and comfortable mansion.

2. Hampton Lillibridge House

This house was previously on a different street, but was then transplanted to St. Julian Street in Savannah, GA. Workers claimed to hear strange sounds as well as see a tall man in black staring from the bedroom windows

This home is considered the most haunted house in Savannah. Perhaps it would have been a smarter choice to leave the house on its original street.

3. Pennsylvania Pink House

The unique pink paint coloring on this house already makes it such a stand out. But what's really unusual about this house is the fact that a ghastly scream can be heard at exactly 3:13 AM every single morning, you know, just in case your alarm clock wasn't working properly.

Did I forget to mention a ghostly figure that appears in the bathroom mirror, as well as a few knocking and footstep noises here and there? Did I? But at least your roomie won't be messy!

4. Decades of Death

This house resides on Kill Road. Yes, that's right. Kill Road.

Need I say more?

In case you're curious, this gorgeous Victorian estate on Staten Island was constructed by Balthasar Kreischer during the mid-1880s. Part of the estate mysteriously caught on fire, as well as Kreischer's brick factory. After Balthasar passed away, his son inherited the buildings, but business was never the same, which caused him and his wife to commit suicide one after the other.

The house was then transformed into a restaurant in 1996, but was also used to hide a deadly crime. Mobster Jo "Joe Black" young murdered victim Robert Meckelvy and then burned him in the basement furnace.

Rumor has it that spirits still roam the properly, but don't worry. The wraparound porches sure are charming.

5. House From The Civil War

The owner of the McRaven House, John H. Bobb, and a women were murdered by Union troops in one of the bedrooms while she was giving birth to a child. It is rumored that the two still wander the halls of this gorgeous house. It is also regarded as the most haunted home in Mississippi.

6. Ozzie's Spirit Remains

Once the home of Ozzie, Harriet, and their sons Ricky and David Nelson, from the hit show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, this spectacular Hollywood Hills home is still supposedly occupied by Ozzie.

Ozzie's ghost can be seen roaming around the house, cozy cardigan sweater and all. People claim to hear footsteps, see covers ripped off their bodies when sleeping, and spot lightbulbs and faucets turning on and off on their own. Also Ozzie's moaning noises and appearances are a constant in this house.

I suppose it wouldn't be too terrible living in this beautiful house, especially if the ghost happens to be kind.

7. Happen to Have $14.5 Million to Spare?

Before even John Lennon and Yoko Ono moved in, The Dakota in New York was rumored to be haunted. Many residents have experienced the ghost of a crying lady, including Lennon himself.

I wonder if walking down the halls, a person has ever heard a the light strum of the guitar and Lennon's magical voice floating from room to room. If so, I would love to spend a night or two over there.

8. Schweppe Mansion in Chicago

The Schweppes Mansion was previously owned by one of the wealthiest families in high society. In 1937, Laura Schweppe died from a heart attack at the age of 58, leaving her husband Charles with only $20,000 of her $10 million.

Driven to the point of suicide out of loneliness and depression, Charles committed suicide, leaving behind a note that said "I've been awake all night. It's terrible."

And it appears Charles will forever be awake at night, floating around the various corridors and rooms of the Schweppe Mansion. If you're lucky, you can also find Laura accompanying him from time to time.

9. Home of Vlad, The Impaler

Vlad served as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula, so you can only imagine what horrific events occurred within the dark rooms and halls of the mansion.

Did you imagine Vlad personally slaying over 100,000 marked men and women? Because that is precisely what happened, prompting many to claim that their hopeless souls still wander within the mansion. I got chills just thinking about it!

I'm thankful for my wonderful roommate. Sure she leaves a dish in the sink here and there, but so do I every so often.

What she doesn't do is wake me up in the middle of the night and creepily stare at me through the window. I'll take my awesome, living roommate over a ghost inhabitant any day of the week.

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