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I remember as a child I was afraid of anything spooky featuring ghosts, monsters, creatures, anything of the sort.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video would cause me to run behind the couch and cover my eyes as tightly as I could. The Nightmare Before Christmas was more enjoyable, but I did find myself jump at some parts, especially during the Oogie Boogie Man's song.

Of course, I now completely appreciate these two hair-raising works of art, and I even consider horror one of my most favorite genres of film. But this is only because I am now an adult.

Which is why I find it utterly surprising that horror stories written specifically for children even exist in the first place! Read them below, that is, if you dare.

1. The Girl With The Ribbon Around Her Neck

A young man meets a beautiful young girl with a dark green ribbon she always wears around her neck. He consistently asks her about it, but she brushes her answers away.

One day, as their sharing their first kiss, the man pulls away and asks her why she always wears her ribbon. Again she refuses to tell him the reason.

After they get married and grow old together, he finally asks his now wife why she always wears the ribbon.

She finally allows him to untie it with his old and wrinkly fingers. As he pulls it loose, her head falls off.


Would you read this story to your kid?

2. "Guard Dog" Licker

A young girl is left at home. Snuggled in bed, she has a difficult time falling asleep as she hears a continuous dripping noises coming from her bathroom. She checks the sink a couple of times, but thinks nothing of it, as the faucet is completely off.

Every time she returns to her bed, she hangs her arm over the side of her bed to have her "guard dog" lick, as a means to comfort herself. Finally, when the dripping noise becomes too unbearable, the girl returns to the bathroom and finds her dog hanged and dripping blood in the shower with the words "humans can lick too" on the tiled wall.


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3. The Girl in the Backseat

One dark stormy night, a man driving down a long winding road notices a young lady standing on the side of the street in the rain wrapped in a red scarf. He pulls over and asks if she would like a ride. She gratefully accepts and steps into the car.

The man glances at her from his rearview mirror and notices she is wearing a rather old-fashioned looking outfit similar to what girls wore in the 1950s. She leads the man to her house, where he pulls into the driveway directly by the door. He gets out of the car and knocks on the door.

An elderly woman answers and asks what he wants so late in the night. He tells her how he found her daughter standing alone in the street on such a dark, rainy night. The elderly lady's eyes widen as she explains, "my daughter was murdered a long time ago when she was only twenty-years-old. This isn't the first time her spirit has tried to make its way back home."

The man, shocked and confused, rushes back to his car and opens the backseat. He finds that the young lady is no longer there, but her bright red scarf was left behind.


Would you read this story to your kid?

4. Hook Man Killer

One romantic night, a teenage boy drives with his date to Lover's Lane. While kissing his girlfriend, they are suddenly interrupted by the radio, which warns the town about a murderer with a hook for a hand who had escaped from an insane asylum nearby.

Terrified for their lives, the girl demands that they leave immediately. They race to her house, where the boy drops her off and leaves. As she reaches the front door of her house, she spots a bloody hook hanging from the door handle. She shrieks in horror.


Would you read this story to your kid?

5. "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?"

Two college roommates who share a dorm room decide to go partying one evening. Nearly halfway there, one of the girls named Meg realizes she forgot her purse, and quickly doubles back to their room. Without turning on the lights, she reaches for her purse in the dark and exits quickly.

The girls have an incredible time at the party, but after a few hours, the second girl named Julie begins to feel rather sleepy and heads back to the dorm to pass out. Meg stays out much later, but eventually walks back as well.

Upon approaching her room, she spots police officers around her room. Although they attempt to restrain her, Meg pushes past them and screams in horror when she finds her roommate bloodied and dead. She glances up at the wall and in blood sees the words "AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE LIGHT?"


Would you read this story to your kid?

6. The Choking Doberman

A couple returns home after a date night to find their Doberman Pinscher choking nearly to death. They quickly drive to the vet and drop him off to get checked. Upon entering their house, they receive a call from the vet screaming at them to leave the house.

The couple, confused, exit their house again and spot a group of policemen approaching, as well as the vet. She shows them that their beloved pet had been choking on a finger.

The men enter the house and drag out a man who was bleeding from one hand. They explain that they found him hiding in the bedroom.


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7. The Dark House Story

"At the end of a long, dark road is a long, dark path. At the end of the long, dark path is a lone, dark house. And the lone, dark house has a single, dark door. Behind the single, dark door is a long, dark hall. At the end of the long, dark hall are some tall, dark stairs. (Story continues, narrowing in from a room to a closet to a chest to a box, etc.) And in the small, dark box is…a pink jellybean!"


Would you read this story to your kid?

I am currently in my mid-twenties and I find some of these stories particularly scary to this day. I suppose if your kid is into the macabre, perhaps a bit of a Wednesday Addams, I'm absolutely sure she can handle these bone-chilling tales.

But let's be honest. Most adults reading this probably couldn't get through these stories without jumping out of their seats.

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