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Freddy and Jason. Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. Mothra and Godzilla.

No, these aren't just rejected names for the royal baby, they're also examples of successful movie crossovers! Of course, not every fictional universe is quite as lucky as these guys, and so many must remain unmatched with no mashed up mate to show for their troubles.

However, just because these creative collisions don't happen in reality doesn't mean we can't fantasize about their potential. In honor of all the great collaborations that have and could have happened, here are 17 crossovers that need to happen between our favorite movies and TV shows.

1. The tragic love story we all overlooked

Oh, Harry. You could have had him before Bella, but you just couldn't read the signals.

2. Doctors make the best romantic leads

Move over, McSteamy, the Tenth Doctor is here to teach you a few things about the unbearable nature of love.

3. Just peaking in to say hello

Oh, it's just Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver popping in from the kingdom of Corona. Don't mind them, they'll probably be zipping over to a foreign land to save the world soon.

4. Avatar: The Last Hope for Gotham

This is something that I need in my life immediately (with plenty of Harley and Poison Ivy influence).

5. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, Wizardry, and Kiki

Kiki's delivery service would put all those owls out of business. Maybe she'd even allow post on Sundays.

6. What's better than this?

Guys being dudes.

7. You never forget your first love

Even if it means letting your new love drown.

8. The fault in our hunger

Okay, so not necessarily a true crossover, but I think we can all agree that this is a berry, berry good joke.

9. The greatest group of people you will ever meet

All jokes aside, this looks extremely believable. I'm just going to pretend like this is real and hope that by the time I have children, someone will have chopped together a cut of a full-length movie.

10. Bella meets Pallet Town's eternal youngster

"My mom got tired of me hanging around the house, so she forced me out into the wild, dangerous forest with no food or water. What's your story?"

11. Who said the Dothraki are heartless?

Honestly, Game of Thrones with a sci-fi twist (and lightsabers!) cannot be that far away. C'mon, twenty-first century, make this happen.

12. You know Thor would be all over this

I don't believe for a second that he would be so mopey. Norse gods know how to braid!

13. Red rum & Loopdaed

Thank you, Deadpool, for making me sleep a little easier tonight knowing that if life ever sends me a deluge of blood, I just need to hop on my board and make the most of it.

14. Middle Earth's foremost bounty hunter, Boba Fett

Okay, so it looks like this means that Frodo fails, but I don't see Sam anywhere! He's probably just scrounging up some potatoes before (once again) proving himself as the true protagonist of the trilogy.

15. Lilo & Loki

Lilo sees the goodness in everyone, that's a given. The unreal part is that Disney owns Marvel, so this encounter could actually happen one day. Disney World, I have the best idea for your next meet and greet!

16. Speaking of crossovers that could actually happen

If I don't see some kind of interaction between the universes of Star Wars and Pixar in my lifetime, I'll have to tape this image on the inside of my urn.

17. And finally: potentially both the greatest and the worst thing to ever come into existence

Yes, this is a Twilight and Magic Mike crossover with an animated Edward from Second Life dancing for you.

Aren't you glad you didn't go to bed tonight without knowing about this unparalleled piece of art? Now write to your closest government representative/strip club owner and get this movie made!


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