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In the most expected news since Hugh Jackman signing up for another Wolverine movie, Kevin Feige would like to see the X-Men come back under the Marvel fold. Just because we all assumed that was the feeling over at Marvel doesn't make this any less exciting, however, and it could mean promising things for the future.

For anyone wondering why Marvel doesn't already have the rights to characters they created, it's because they sold some properties in the 1990s to cover costs, and 20th Century Fox landed the X-Men. Fox's ownership has led to a slew of successful movies (and eye-catching scenes like Quicksilver's kitchen scene), but it's prevented some of my favorite characters from existing alongside Iron Man and Star Lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel's President spoke to CraveOnline about a wide variety of topics, and it didn't take long before the conversation turned to mutants and their potential reclamation. When the interviewer brings up Marvel's recent acquisition of Spider-Man, he seamlessly segues into asking if they would want the X-Men back. Feige responded positively:

Well, the answer would always be ‘yes,’ I think, to getting them back. But I think they have a solid plan over that at Fox for a while.

Okay, so it's not like he's planning a takeover, but at least the potential for an X-Men movie under the Marvel banner now has some legs! For now, that's enough consolation for me.

Considering his history with Fox's X-Men movies—he produced the original film in 2000—it's no surprise that he kept it classy. However, I do get the impression of an "eventually" in that short statement. In his mind, Fox has a plan "for a while," but what happens after that? X-Men may be one of the most profitable franchises in history, but there was a time when Sony's Spider-Man franchise was at the top of that list, and Marvel managed to lasso Spidey back.

This is pure speculation, but I'd imagine that if Marvel stays on their stratospheric ascent to the top, they'll eventually gain back all their properties. Of course, they're getting along fine without them (introducing the Inhumans as stand-ins for the mutants among other creative edits), but I'm thinking far in the future.

After Fox's X-Men run their course (and I'll watch every movie they send my way), I would definitely be here for a fully rebooted slate from Marvel. But, Feige would have to retrieve them first.


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