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(Warning: Major Avengers: Age of Ultron SPOILERS below - if you haven't yet seen the movie, proceed with caution...or just go see it. We'll wait...)

After years of being able to say very little indeed about the recently released Avengers: Age of Ultron, director Joss Whedon seems to be celebrating his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by talking about it as much as humanly possible, in as much detail as he can legally get away with.

So much so, in fact, that Whedon - who sadly won't be directing Avengers: Infinity War - might just be teasing some pretty major plot reveals as he goes...

The biggest of them all?

It Seems As Though THAT Avenger Could Still Return

Nope - not The Hulk, though he definitely will be back.

I'm talking about Quicksilver...

Who, in the final moments of Age of Ultron, gave his life to save both Hawkeye and a small child.

Or...did he?

Joss Seems to Be Hinting That He'll Be Back

And, in fact, has been for a while now.

His most recent tease? Seemingly revealing a seriously important detail about Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Marvel contract - and then heavily implying that he could still return as Quicksilver...

First up:

Joss (Probably) Just Revealed That Taylor-Johnson is Contracted For More Marvel Movies

Speaking to Merlot Mummy, Whedon was asked whether he had considered an alternative version of Age of Ultron's ending in which Quicksilver survived, and revealed that:

"We talked about it....The first meeting I had with [Aaron Taylor-Johnson], I said this is my plan is to have—we always were ready for the idea that the Disney brass would come down and say, excuse us. “Please leave the beautiful man in the franchise movie.” But it became clear certainly after we shot it, how well it worked, so then it was just my job to spend the entire movie trying to convince everyone that Hawkeye was definitely going to die, and that turned into a really fun game."
"Like, because I played every trope. Every, oh, look, you know, we’re not all going to make it through this and we cut to him looking at his family, and I’m just like, “How many ways can I be, ‘Oh, he’s safe. He’s on the, oh, he has to get off the boat. Oh, he’s—’ and I just wanted to like, you know, pull the switch out.” So yeah, that was the plan, but we did sort of keep it in our, in our pockets. We’re like maybe we’ll have to do a take backsies, but then he got shot a lot of times."

Now, the key thing there (other than that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is clearly really good at keeping a secret)?

The fact that there was always the possibility of Marvel asking Whedon to keep Quicksilver alive - which suggests that Taylor-Johnson does, as rumored, most likely have a contract-extension clause, or perhaps even a multi-picture deal already signed.

And, of course, there's the fact that:

Joss Also Outright Hinted That Quicksilver'll Be Back

Y'see, in response to the pretty direct: "We didn’t see gravestone at the end, and we all know what that means in Marvel", Whedon's response was...distinctly open...

"We didn’t what? Oh, that’s true."

Suggesting that the lack of any real mention of Quicksilver's death at the end of the movie may well have been intentional - and that the previously hinted possibility of Marvel bringing the character back may be a whole lot more plausible than it initially seemed...

What do you reckon, though?


Will Quicksilver return?



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