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(Note: mild SPOILERS for Avengers: Age of Ultron lie below - proceed with caution if you've not yet seen it...)

Now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a pretty inter-connected place. Between cross-movie cameos, hints, teases, and grand schemes threaded between post-credits sequences, there's a distinctly epic plan into which every Marvel movie fits. So much so, in fact, that Avengers: Age of Ultron's general lack of inter-connections actually came as something of a pleasant novelty, allowing it to feel more stand-alone than was widely expected.

There was, however, one moment in which a large chunk of a future Marvel movie may well have been largely revealed.

Remember that whole sequence with Thor in a murky, cavern-based pool - The Waters of Sight?

YUP, that one.
YUP, that one.

Y'know, the one that Thor visits after receiving a dark, strange vision by The Scarlet Witch - in which he sees a nightmarish version of Asgard, where he's blamed for killing all of his friends and family?

Well, as it turns out:

Thor's Vision Might Directly Tease the Road to Ragnarok

Y'see, while there isn't a whole lot of comic-book precedence for The Waters of Sight,'s Russ Burlingame has been poking around in some Norse Mythology, and might just have dug out something pretty darned important in terms of the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Y'see, the closest Marvel comics has come to those Waters of Sight is the Well of Wyrd, from way back in Thor Annual #11...

...which grants Asgardians the chance to see across both space and time - meaning it essentially works as a vaguely untrustworthy time telescope.

There's also, though, an equivalent to the well in Norse Mythology, known as Urðarbrunnr...

...which is connected to two other wells in different realms - Hvergelmir in Niflheim (home of the frost giants), and Mímisbrunnr near Jötunheim (the home of the more regular kind of giants).

What Does That Mean for Thor: Ragnarok, Though?

Well, there're two main things to take away from all that:

Firstly, that from the sounds of the Waters' comic-book counterpart, there's a good chance that in Thor's vision we really are seeing (some version of) the future of the MCU - which fits in nicely with the likely - and eagerly-anticipated - death and destruction in Thor: Ragnarok.

Secondly, though, the movie's waters' similarity to Urðarbrunnr also suggests that those other realms - Niflheim and Jötunheim - could well feature in the movie. Now, the giant-filled Jötunheim is no real surprise there - but since Niflheim is also basically an equivalent to the Norse version of Hell, there's every reason to believe that its involvement bodes poorly for our heroes.

Or, in other words - it looks like death, and a trip to the Norse after-life - is in store for a certain God of Thunder...

What do you think, though?

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