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Teresa Koptis Stanford

I was the youngest of six kids.and I remember it and my brothers and sisters would be watching tv at home and we would hear sound like the whole house was breathing. Mom and Dad also heard it.This would happen any time of the day.Other people also heard the breathing. It sound like someone breathing through their mouth. Years later my brothers and sisters had moved out and it was only me and momma and daddy at home. I went to school and when I got of the bus I had a terrible headache.Mom and dad owned a bar it was in front of our house. I went in the bar and told mom that I had a headache and I was gonna go home and lay down. I went home turned the tv on.Some kind of way I felt very sleepy so I layed down in my room I fell asleep to be woken up by loud sounds of popping and smoke. I stepped into the hallway and the whole house was on fire. The back door was locked I couldn't open it.since had to jump out a window. The fire chief couldn't find out what caused the fire. I think it was ghosts that set the fire. We had to move into the bar in the dancing room.It was so bad we always heard footsteps in the attic. Things would be moved. But the scariest off all is when the pool balls would be all moving by there self. It would wake us up every night. Mom would put all the pool balls in the pocket so the ghosts couldn't roll them around. A family that lived there before the father run over his baby that was playing and kill him he didn't know that his child was outside. And one of the bar owners before my parents owned it died in the bar.and a man hung himself from a tree limb next to our house. No wonder why the place was haunted. Teresa Stanford


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