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He may be everyone's favorite ass-kicker (with Judith coming in at a close second, of course), but in a recent interview Daryl Dixon a.k.a. Norman Reedus has proved that even ass-kickers get injured sometimes, and that maybe the set of The Walking Dead is just as dangerous as it looks on-screen!

Speaking on the latest 'Drinking With The Stars' video for The Wrap, Norman Reedus revealed his favorite moment from Season 5 was the scene in Episode 10 when the group sheltered in a barn during a story and tried to keep a herd of walkers out of the building, Reedus said:

I liked us in the barn. Yeah, I like when in the barn is getting overrun by Walkers and the storm comes. We were at such a broken spot in our storyline that everyone was so down, starving and dying of thirst - so beat up - and everyone sort of came together to stop those Walkers from coming in. It was a real powerful moment. I think that sort of sums us up as a family and sums us up as a group out there.

I totally agree, that was a scene that was a turning point for the group - the next morning revealed that the storm had actually saved them by tearing the walkers apart with its ferocity, and then shortly after Aaron arrived to invite them to live in Alexandria. Here's the scene in question:

But aside from giving us his favorite moments, Reedus also gave us a little extra behind-the-scenes tidbit when he revealed that he literally put his blood and sweat into the scene, revealing:

I actually cut my arm up during that, and they got it on camera. It didn't make the cut. They said they actually saw my arm open up and blood start coming out.

That's simultaneously gross and awesome, and a total Daryl thing to have happen, I can't believe they didn't include it in the final cut!

You can check out the whole interview here:

The Walking Dead returns with Season 6 in October and Fear the Walking Dead will premier sometime before that over summer.

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