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A brand new Vampire Diaries promo image from dropped today, and it is already getting me worried about fragile, human Elena's fate.

In the solitary teaser image, Damon is facing the Mystic Falls crew and breaking some news that has made everyone get their most solemn expressions out...and there isn't an Elena Gilbert in sight.

It hasn't escaped my attention that Lily Salvatore isn't lurking around in this picture either, which means there is the terrifying possibility that Elena has fallen into her ripper clutches.

Obviously, there is going to have to be some serious peril before the end of season six is upon us, but I hope that Elena makes it through her ordeal.

I found it unexpectedly heartening to see her response to becoming human again, and it seems so ruthless to cut her happiness short almost as soon as it's began.

Do you think Elena will live or die in The Vampire Diaries finale?


Will Elena survive season six of The Vampire Diaries?

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