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Just a few weeks ago, Marvel launched the whole first season of Daredevil via Netflix and honestly, it was more than I expected. The whole season was consistent -- the grit, brutality, mood and the individual stories of the key characters were presented clearly.

Other than the story, the action in this series was pretty consistent. I thought it'd just be good around the first few episodes of the series but it lasted until the very last episode. These are not just some soft fight scenes and all -- it was brutal and very strong.

Speaking of fight scenes, one of my favorites was the hallway scene shown at the end of the second episode. This was the scene where Matt was going to save the kid from the Russians. What was really awesome was that it was said to be shot in just one take. Trust me, everything about this scene was amazing!

Anyway, after a few weeks of planning, trials and errors, I finally got the chance to re-make this amazing sequence with a few concept shots using action figures. I shot this in Articulated Comic Book Art form and used one of the known styles within this form, Panels. I made a sequence of shots using this set to depict a short form of action inspired by the famous scene from the show. Knowing that there's no official Daredevil action figure in the market that is of the Netflix series, I had one customized by Lee Aller and the amazing diorama's made by Ryan G. Gomez.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look of this set right here:


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