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"Every story has ONE single moment at its core which defines & drives the entire plot. What follows is the HEART of Baahubali the beginning.

He has to fulfill his destiny, come what may!!!"

These are the words used by Director Rajamouli, while introducing this poster from the Indian Epic : Baahubali - The Beginning.

This frame is from a pivotal moment in the film. It is a scene that is a showcase for the ultimate form of sacrifice. The Baby must live, at all costs!

A few days ago, I blogged about 'Baahubali' and why it is a film that can redefine the meaning of Indian Cinema. You can read about it here (Baahubali - An Indian Film Unlike Any Other ) .

The main characters from the film are being introduced every few days. Next up is Shivudu and I will be revealing more about him soon.

For now, enjoy this poster.


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