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Warning this review contains spoilers.

With the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, this is the eleventh movie

to have been released into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and

like all things the quality of this film series over time has immensely

improved. Initially when the sequel to Avengers Assemble was announced,

I was sceptical as to whether this movie would be on par with its

predecessor, as (setting Captain America: The Winter Soldier aside)

sequels aren't usually Marvel's strongest suit, however after viewing

the latest Avengers movie I was pleasantly surprised, as Joss Whedon

had produced a well written and thoroughly entertaining follow up.


The film opens with the Avengers sieging the castle of the Hydra leader

"Baron Von Strucker" (Thomas Kretschmann), with the goal of retrieving

the sceptre of Loki, for safe return to Asgard. Here we see the

Avengers face the genetically enhanced superpowered siblings, Wanda and

Pietro Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson) while we see

Pietro A.K.A Quicksilver assault The Avengers, Wanda (Scarlet Witch)

does the real damage, when she uses her power to give Tony Stark

(Robert Downey Jr) a "vision" of what's to come. In fear of this vision

Tony Stark/Iron Man takes the sceptre with the intent of creating an

A.I. (Ultron), which holds the potential to protect the Earth from any

future Alien attacks, however when Tony Stark/Iron Man and Bruce Banner

(Mark Ruffalo) have success in creating Ultron, he is born with the

twisted idea that saving humanity also means eradicating it, Tony Stark

and Bruce Banner being responsible for the creation of Ulton, causes a

lot of bad blood, and mistrust between the team. The plot throughout

the entirety of the film seems to be fairly straightforward and

accessible for all audiences, yet it's the moral/ emotional journey the

characters make throughout the movie that has the heaviest impact.

Like the first movie, Age Of Ultron implements subtle humour within the

plot, although this time around the story is considerably darker. The

film implements its darker elements by giving us an insight into the

characters past, and foreshadows events to come in the next Avengers

movie, which is done by using Scarlet Witch's ability to alter reality

and give people visions.

The first of the "visions" we are shown is that of the Norse God Thor

(Chris Hemsworth), the vision depicts the God of Thunder speaking with

Heimdall the watcher and guardian of the Bifrost, Heimdall seems

angered with Thor and is blaming him for dooming Asgard this sequence

seems to serve as a set up for Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity

war Part 1, however this did not contribute to the story of this movie,

and took up a fair amount of screen time, having said that the set up

seemed necessary for fans of the MCU. Black widow's (Scarlett

Johansson) shows us the childhood of the female assassin, and gives

reason as to how she became the Black Widow. Whereas Captain America's

vision further establishes him as a man out of his own time.

The most destructive action Scarlett Witch commits is manipulating

Bruce Banner, into transforming into his bulky green alter ego The

Hulk, and therefore causing him to rampage in the streets of Wakanda

leading to the epic battle between The Hulk and Iron man, in his

colossal Hulkbuster armour.

The Hulks rampage hinders the relationship that is brewing between Black Widow and Bruce Banner, a relationship

that seems to have come out of the blue, the basis for their

relationship is that they both believe their monsters, but in certain

aspects comes off as forced, due to her closeness with Hawkeye (Jeremy


Throughout the majority of conflicting opinions come from Stark and

Captain America, this sets up the basis for Captain America: Civil war,

we are also given an idea of which sides the current and new members of

The Avengers, will choose when the time comes, but Stark and the Cap

end the film on a friendly note, which would lead one to think that the

true conflict between Stark and The Cap is yet to come.

Visions character (Paul Bettany) is given a late introduction, but from

the moment he is introduced the viewers are intrigued as to what this

character has to say, it's useful that people have already come to know

Bettany as Jarvis, Vision is made using a lot of CG and practical

methods such as makeup, which allow the character to harmonise between

Humanity and A.I.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are an interesting pair of characters,

their backstory is considerably dark due to the fact that they were

orphaned (by a war fought with Stark's weaponry) at a young age, this

leads them to grow a hatred for stark, and are easily fooled into

thinking Stark is a man of war, this is the reason they side with

Ultron as they believe Stark and the Avengers to be a threat to the

world. Quicksilver is without a doubt a secondary character, whereas

Scarlet witch drives their evolution from Antagonists to Avengers, this

transformation starts when Scarlet Witch sees Ultrons true intentions

for Humanity, and due to this both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver decide

to alter their allegiances.

We do gain more of an insight into the private/personal life of

Hawkeye, which comes off as a simple life and gives him more character

as a pose to the minion of Loki in the previous movie. However when it

comes to the re-introduction of Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) as the

writers have appeared to become lazy, as the sole purpose for Nick

Fury's presence is to serve a Deus Ex Machina to the story. I believe a

sequence was required for the re-introduction of Nick Fury, as a lot of

questions specific to what happened to him after the events of Captain

America: The Winter Soldier go unanswered and this is a little

unsettling, however his appearance did not detract from my overall

enjoyment of the movie.

Now for the villain of this action packed movie, Ultron (James Spader)

is an A.I that was intended to be the first line of defence for Earth,

but has his own twisted idea that humanity needs to either evolve, or

face extinction. Ultron wants to be separated from Stark as he believes

Stark to be an egotistical man that created Ultron, with the intention

of making him one of his "puppets" a comparison of which that leads one

to think of Stark and Ultron to have a Geppeto and Pinocchio complexity

about them, the creators even go so far to give Ultron a line from a

song in Pinocchio "I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings

on me". The interesting thing about Ultron is that despite the great

lengths he goes to extinguish Humanity, with each upgrade to his form

he becomes more humanoid, as originally Ultron attempted to create

Vision to fight for him and have the same ideals as him, but ultimately

this plan was foiled by The Avengers, and Vision was created but with

the intent of aiding humanity.

In the end Avengers: Age Of Ultron is a solid and entertaining chapter

in the MCU, and despite minor flaws I believe it to capture, and

ultimately is the best entry in the MCU yet.



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