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This past weekend, [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) star Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live, and proved to be very funny and down to have a little bit of fun. Of course the fact that she was hosting makes sense, since the new Avengers film (which could probably more adequately be described as an event) hit theaters May 1st in America.

During one of the sketches, Johansson and the show's cast depicted what a Black Widow solo film might look like. There hasn't been one up to this point, but the show's writers jokingly portrayed the film as a classic romantic comedy, and subtly made some pretty good points about roles for female superheroes and on a bigger scale, female actors in Hollywood, period.

This whole thing is obviously satire and I think is designed to make us all take a step back and think. Do we need all of our female actors to be damsels in distress, still? I mean, it's 2015. I think another reason this is so funny is that Black Widow IS, in fact, bad-ass in the Avengers movies which makes putting her in a rom-com that much funnier.

So, here it is, the "trailer" for Black Widow.

Why no 'Black Widow' movie?

Right off the bat, we have a question posed by the narrator... "Does Marvel not know how to make a girl superhero movie?" I love the fact that they phrased it like that. This very delicate use of satire kind of examines what we all subconsciously have been wondering.

Marvel "gets" women

It immediately cuts from the epic Age of Ultron footage to panoramic views of New York City... a tactic used by lots of rom-coms with music that fits the mood of one of these types of movies where a girl is trying to find the right man and happiness in the big city.

She kind of looks a mess, breaking a heel while she's hustling through the city streets

She plays the classic damsel who needs a man to fix all of her problems in life... or so these types of movies kind of say. The first scene we see of Johansson/Black Widow is her shuffling through the streets of New York looking a bit scattered. She breaks a heel and makes a cheesy joke about it.

Huge apartment and great friends

Of course in these movies, and a lot of TV shows, somehow, the leading characters have these massive well-furnished apartments and great friends to dish to and gossip with. Of course, Nick Fury and Cap are those "great friends," which adds to the hilarity of this whole set-up.

She has an internship at 'Fashion Weekly'

In these movies, somehow the protagonist has a super fun and girly job, which they give to Black Widow in this case. Her entrance to what appears to be some kind of orientational meeting is hysterical, and our first introduction to any of her superhero-ness.

She flips onto the scene in our first glimpse of the fact that she's a superhero

SNL cast member Kate McKinnon, who is playing the formidable boss here surprises Black Widow with "the break" she needs to make it in the fashion biz. "Leather with a low neck-line? Take that off... and put it on the cover of our magazine."

The only thing missing in Black Widow's life was love

Of course, the "man" that she stumbles upon in Central Park is Ultron. He's a bit more charming than he was in AoU, and his mask looks slightly less on-point than it does in the film as well.

Black Widow blushes and is super shy, like in these types of movies

Of course, it's important to note that this whole time she's been wearing pink and overall just acting pretty much as stereotypically girly as possible. Nothing like how she acts in the movies, of course.

Thor, the gossip, is hilarious

Thor is clearly another one of Black Widow's "close friends" which means Black Widow is really expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe here. He seems to be playing the slightly effeminate friend of Black Widow's and wants to know more about "the guy," who, of course, is Ultron. Everything about this is perfect.

Black Widow and Ultron share a romantic moment

It appears the coffee date between Ultron and Black Widow went really well. They're sharing a kiss in the park. Classic.

"Penis... activated"

We've got some more intimate love-making type stuff happening here now and it definitely gets a little weird. Ultron has to adjust his erection with what appears to be some form of machinery that sounds like the noise an automatic seat recliner in a car makes. Black Widow smiles afterwards approvingly, but yeah... this is SNL at its finest, if you ask me.

Ultron ends up being Ultron in the end...

After Thor lets "BW" know that her boyfriend "is on the news", we get a report of Ultron being Ultron. He throws a bus into the Fashion Weekly building and SNL cast member Cecily Strong states in her news report, "I'd HATE to be THAT guy's girlfriend," which devastates Black Widow.

Black Widow cries by herself on the couch

Unable to handle the news that her new man is actually a very complex and destructive form of Artificial Intelligence, Black Widow resorts to crying on the couch and wallowing in misery. She is still wearing the same outfit as before too, which is pretty funny. I guess all of this has happened throughout one day... a very hectic day to be sure.

Ultron issues "Fire Apology"

This is good. Ultron, in the only way he knows how, says sorry by lighting a building on fire and spelling out "I'm sorry." This part had me laughing the hardest of the whole sketch, I think, just based on the fact that they made it a news story and the juxtaposition of being sorry and still causing destruction and mayhem is great here.

Hulk and Black Widow have a moment

One of the best love stories in the Avengers series is the Hulk and Black Widow one. Here's Hulk, the classic guy from a rom-com who has "been there all along" and actually gets her. Black Widow realizes Ultron was not the right guy, but that the right guy was her main man Bruce Banner.

'Black Widow: Age of Me'

The video ends with "Marvel: We know girls." This was one of the better episodes from the whole season, and this sketch was a big reason why for me. Not to mention, Scarlett Johansson is great.

(Via: MTV)


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