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As with all the other seasons of American Horror Story, the highly anticipated Hotel is stacking up an impressively large cast filled with some familiar faces to welcome refreshing newbies.

The newest face confirmed for a return is the unparalleled Angela Bassett, who appeared twice before in the anthology series (Coven and Freak Show). Ryan Murphy himself made the official announcement on Twitter, and he even gave us a taste of what havoc her character will wreak at the hotel.

I think I speak for most AHS fans when I say, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

In lieu of Jessica Lange, many of us feel that Angela Bassett was the rightful person to step up and get the most screen time, but that possibility was put in jeopardy with the announcement of all the new cast members (including Lady Gaga as one of the leads). Now that we know she'll be vying with Gaga—potentially as competing lounge singers if rumors are to be believed—hopefully that means plenty of explosive scenes for Bassett.

If I were Gaga, I certainly wouldn't want to mess with any of this.

Though she was great in Freak Show, her turn as voodoo priestess Marie Laveau will always be one of the show's major standouts for me. I'm hoping that Hotel gives her ample material to show a sense of power while shutting down all the unworthy below her.

All of the tongue-wagging in Coven is enough to make me root for her no matter what her Season 5 character is like.

Just give me more show-stopping moments and GIF-able moments, and I will be a satisfied Hotel guest.

With Bassett, it's hard to go wrong.


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