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I want to take your criticism of Olicity to heart because I do believe that while I understood there was a seven month summer break we didn't see...all their flirting in the first episode of season 3 seemed sudden, but by the end of the episode I understood. It's a drama show and they wanted to pull them apart and it made sense. So if this was your point I'd understand, but I feel like your argument is without any truth. I did understand the point of the Sara and Helana relationships and even the Laurel drama in season 1...but there is no way any of these were health. Especially in Laural's case. Sure this can be a source of drama for the show, but there was no real love or even a hope for a "better versions of themselves" when they are together. They made each other into the worst versions. Do you not see how horrible they are when they are together? Oliver is better when he's with his team or Thea and Laurel is best when she's being a lawyer or with her family.

Then when you talk about Olicity you really go off the rails! Saying that "soon after" her break up with Oliver, Felicity started dating Ray and then broke up with him because she loved Oliver makes me think you truly haven't watched season 3. Yes, Felicity's slow growth towards dating Ray made sense and took 15 episodes. Do you know the definition of 'soon' on CW? They worked together for half the season until they finally hooked up and it made sense. They were both trying to prove they could move on from the people they love. It made sense and he broke up with her after working with Team Arrow.

Also when did she badger Oliver about life decisions other than when he first got back from being dead. In the next episode she is right by his side helping him anyways. Really by this point in the argument you've lost me completely...then when I think this can't get any worst..."Oliver sleeps with Felicity out of the blue and it's awkward?!" What?! I understand Olicity isn't everyone's thing, but there is no way you can tell me this scene wasn't better than any of the other sex scenes on Arrow. Also we've just watched a season of these two people holding back from each other and they are about to lose each other is these two people that love each other having sex out of the blue?! Honestly if u are a comic book purist that's cool, but now you are just reachin for things to say. :)

Overall Olicity hasn't effected the main plot with LoA and really has been their to show Oliver's moral struggle and growth. This is part of the story and important. Felicity's screen time comes from her interactions with everyone on Arrow and Flash. Most of this season hasn't been about their relationship...maybe three episodes in total this year has focused on it. I really can't take this article to heart.


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