ByMaryAnn TeresaRose BroFo, writer at

When my daughter was born, we lived in a tiny two bedroom with my step son. We needed a 3 bedroom desperately So we went looking. We found this charming, old duplex. We would live on the top floor which was an amazing price for how renivated it was! We moved in when my daughter was 7 months old. she stayed in our room the first few nights because id never slept in a room without her since she was born and i was still breastfeeding. When we finally bought a baby monitor we moved her into her own room. We put the baby monitor up and left her sleep in her own room. Everything was going fine. We went to bed But halfway through the night we heard noises coming from the baby monitor. I thought it was just a glitch until i heard a loud SMACK! and then my daughter started screaling at the top of her lungs. I ran in to fond half of her face bright red and tears streaming down her face. I grabbed my baby girl woke up the husband and we all left ( my step son was at his gramas that night). When we went back the next day all of her clothes were out of their drawers and the trinkets on top of her dresser were all in her bed amd smashed.


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