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Joss Whedon re-assembles the team for a darker and more terrifying team up. The core cast of RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johannson, Mark Ruffalo return, along with welcome additions of Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as Quiksilver and Scarlett Witch. James Spader joins in on the fun, as Ultron. The baddie of this film.

Spader is an absolute riot to watch. He plays the robot as an evil Tony Stark. The acting is stunning from the whole cast, but the one person who stood out was Chris Evans, who's really come into his own as Captain America. The passion he delivers his lines with is almost like reading the comics or watching Hulk Hogan headbutt a communist flag. It's so patriotic, but very enjoyable whenever Cap speaks. Whedon also handed him the best line of the film 'If you die. Walk it off.' Absolutely epic.

There are a few new things introduced in this film, which is the weakness of this film. Shoehorning. There's a whole plot line about Black Widow and The Hulk having a love affair. Hawkeye gets a side story as well and some backstory. While all of these things are welcome and I didn't mind them, it's imperative to know, that these things should have been introduced a bit earlier, in previous films.

The first Avengers was missing a few things, one of them was the cinematic quality. The cinematography, while done by an Academy Award nominated DP, looked rather flat, like a television show at moments. Those problems do not exist in this film. Whedon's improvement as a filmmaker is very uplifting, his skills have come a long way. The scope of this film is massive, we are taken to different locations all across the world, and in each part of the world we see some destruction. Whedon handles it all in a perfect fashion.

Some might criticize the finale to be Transformers territory, and that's a valid complaint, it's a fight against a bajillion robots. However, unlike Transformers, Age of Ultron's action is coherent, easy to follow, and one specific thing I loved about the film was, that the team made it a point to make sure not a single soul gets hurt.

Humor. Action. Patriotism. Age of Ultron has it all. A perfect recipe for a blockbuster, The only thing that bothers me, is that we never find out Ultron's age.


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