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Fresh off an AMAZING opening weekend, The Avengers continue to bring out the hero in us all!

Freelance Digital Artist & Designer Chuck Mullins is among the ranks!

Chuck has been inspired to bring two totally different genres together and create mash up art EPICNESS!

In addition to The Uncanny X-Minions and Minions of the Galaxy (, Chuck has created a very special series for the latest MARVEL release Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Behold, individual character cards:

And then feast your eyes on the mini movie poster!!

Now those are some tough looking Minions, right!?

You can find all of this and more by connecting with Chuck at

Twitter: @ChucksArtBox

Instagram: Chuckmullins22 ()

YouTube Search: ChucksArtBox Videos

email: [email protected]

Happy Movie going and Art Collecting!



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