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When the first teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped, there were all kinds of questions and reactions. What is amazing is that the movie is still 11 months away and you can imagine at least three more waves of backlash and anti-backlash to come before the movie is even released. Well, it looks like there is another piece of information Batman information to pick apart much like that odd photo of the Batsuit that appeared recently. Now we can check out a leaked photo of the new Batwing.

The Batwing takes flight in Batman vs Superman
The Batwing takes flight in Batman vs Superman

The Batwing Gets a Close-Up

Many people were wondering about that scene in the teaser trailer of what looked to be the Batwing in flight, laying down fire on some dudes with machine guns, firing back. Some thought maybe it wasn't the Batwing since Bruce Wayne doesn't really abide by guns - but hey, it doesn't look like he's killing those pickup truck driving bad guys - just showing them what he's capable of, I guess. Now it seems like it is indeed the case that this was our first look at the newly modified, artillery enhanced, Batwing.

Over at the always revealing Instagram account of El Mayimbe, the scoopmaster general showed off a clear concept picture of the Batwing - and it does seem to match the images from the teaser trailer. Immediately the dissection of this odd looking vehicle began and like everything else surrounding this movie, the opinions ranged from vehemently opposed to excited fanboy with nary a peep from the middle.

Part Batwing, Part Batboat?

One of the cool things about this design, which some eagle eyed fans pointed out, was that this does look like another dual purpose conception. The cockpit section definitely resembles a possible submarine/boat vehicle that could detach in case of emergency or as required. But it does seem safe to say that the U shaped design of the wings for this Batwing are a bit unusual - and if this other section was to detach, it certainly would appear that this peculiar shape could interfere with deployment.

But of course we reserve all final judgement until we see how the various functions of this vehicle play out in the movie. Could be this Batwing is a masterpiece of function and design and soon military and peace-keeping orgainizations, as well as vigilante billionaires around the world, will be looking to the Batwing as inspiration for the future of aeronautics with submersive tendencies. Stranger things have happened.

The Batwing lined up in Tim Burton's Batman.
The Batwing lined up in Tim Burton's Batman.

I think these kinds of things are more or less inevitable - with every new iteration of Batman comes a new look for the gadgets and vehicles and everything else that comes along with the character. The immediate reaction to Christopher Nolan's Batmobile tumbler wasn't exactly received with open arms when it was given its first detailed look. It could be that with Batman vs Superman being the first real step forward into the shared cinematic universe there is an extra level of expectation and fans wanting to see DC and Warner Bros get things right - especially if this is what is to be expected in Justice League and any future Ben Affleck Batman movies.

But chances are that this thing will probably get taken down in action and we'll see Batwing v2.0 in Justice League. Very rarely does the Batwing get taken out for a spin and end up safe and sound back in its hanger. Ten times out of ten the thing gets shot down or has to make some sort of emergency landing - and yes, often turning into some submarine type vehicle in the process. So you can look at it this way - if you like it, cool - if not, it probably won't make it through Batman vs Superman intact.

What do you think? Is the Batwing spot-on? Is this another good sign for [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) or is this another misstep in your opinion? Leave us your thoughts on the new Batwing in the comments section below!


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