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David Gabrielian

Did you spotted this awesome spoiler from The Flash? I guess maybe not. So I'm going to show you.

In The Flash, episode 20 there were a huge spoiler that reveals the future. In that episode we saw that the future newspaper article were written by Iris West-ALLEN. But we haven't noticed that besides the first lines that Barry reads there are something else that you have missed. I'll quote for you guys.

"After an extreme street battle with The Reverse - Flash, our city's very own Scarlet Speedster disappears in an explosion of light. "

This is the text that Barry reads in the episode.

But then it's continues.

"The cause of fight is currently unknown. According to witness, The Flash, with help from Starling City's Green Arrow, The Atom and Hawkgirl, began fighting the TheReverse - Flash around midnight last night. "

Hey you saw that that is two potential big spoilers.

First one is that Arrow's name became like in comics " Green Arrow " that means what? boom! Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Red Arrow!

Second one is the Hawkgirl. Yes you're right it's probably Oliver's sister. Cause we saw her debut as Hawkgirl in Arrow episode 21.

So... The game is on and The Reverse - Flash going to blow our minds!

I promise you Barry Allen, you will die.

So guys? I'm asking you, what exactly is going to happen? Anything could happen but especially the awesomeness level is going to be too damn high.


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