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There will be some SPOILERS in this article for those of you that have not seen the movie. Reader beware.

First of all, let me say, I loved this movie. I know it has its flaws and plot holes, but as a child that grew up a HUGE comic fan/geek I appreciate each and every one of these movies. I seem to just enjoy sseeing some of my childhood fictional heros on the big screen.

Now for some, the development of Ultron was too rushed and had little to no explanation behind his psychotic behavior, which I get. To this point of argument, I have a few counter points:

1) Getting rid of the Origin Movie - Marvel has said that Ant-Man will be the last of the origin movies. This is a way to test the waters of how that theory will be received by audiences. Ultron had a quick origin story that was explained in about 15 minutes of the film. I felt it was clear enough where the personality came from.

2) Skynet - The idea of a killer robot exterminating humans for the "greater good" is nothing new. Skynet, from The Terminator, had the same line of rationale. Upon acheiving sentience, Skynet determined the logical solution to the human problem was extermination, and nearly succeeded within hours. In The Terminator there was no JARVIS to protect the nuclear launch codes.

The problem of Ultron not appearing to be the threat that he is in the comics is another valid point. During the movie I found myself leaning over to my brother saying how terrifying Ultron was to me.

Ultron Prime's design was physically imposing and cold. The fact that he was 8 feet tall was also a good choice. It makes the body seem WAY more imposing than a 6 foot tall body.

How to make him MORE MENACING?

Ultron is known to kill many people in the comics. In one case, a whole country. This makes the SPOILER death of QuickSilver a little deflating, since it's so late in the movie. In my opinion, as soon as Ultron noticed the slightest decention from the Twins, he should've quickly and coldly eliminated Pietro

Another issue I saw was Ultron design, specifically the face. I know I said i like his design, but Ultron have facial features of what he seemed to hate seemed...illogical?

I realize, if you have James Spader on board, you want to use his voice AND manerisms. But humanizing a killer robot takes away from that terrifying NON-human aspect. If they would've used another design, even if just for his ultimate form, would've made him seem so far from humanity that everyone would just know, stay away.

The lack of HUMAN facial features gives this design a colder more menacnig look.


Another point that I forgot to mention in my Initial publish was, at least to me, it was unclear whether or not Ultron coated himself with vibranium.

Ultron Prime, introduced 30 min into the film.
Ultron Prime, introduced 30 min into the film.

I would say he did not, due to the damage he sustained in the last battle. Scarlet Witch tore out his heart with ease right through his chest plate. If his final form was coated or made from vibranium, there's no way he would've sustained any damage at all let alone torn apart the way he was.

Ultron's final form should have been made of vibranium and once the drones were destroyed, then it would have been the near-unstoppable Ultimate Ultron against the avengers.

Ultimate Ultron/Final Form. Vibranium or no?
Ultimate Ultron/Final Form. Vibranium or no?

Watching the Hulk pound and pound and pound on Ultron, only to have him get up and toss Hulk across the city would have been an EPIC fight scene. It would have also given a sense of dread during the final battle. Scarlet Witch and/or the Vision could've been written in to deal the final blow.

Something like this perhaps?
Something like this perhaps?

Just a design I found on the web over at

I feel like this emphasizes terror as well as Ultrons departure of a humaoid form. If this were his final form made of vibranium, it would've been WAY more menacing and posed a challange the Avengers had not seen yet.

What do you guys think of some of these points?

Did you enjoy the film?

What did you think of Ultrons design/behaviors?


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