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I picked up a very controversial topic for my first post but I really felt the urge to write something on this. First of all let me clear the air by saying that I am a very very neutral person when it comes to DC vs Marvel. I love both of these giants. Over the years they have given us so much to read about, watch and in this way both of them has earned themselves lot of fans around the world.

DC was ahead of Marvel(at least in terms of TV shows and games) until 2008 when Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. happened and they launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Till date this is one of my favourite Marvel movies. But all other things aside let me come to the point. At that time DC probably had not planned such a large scale invasion of the silver screen like Marvel. The DC people were all enjoying the fruits of The Dark Knight. Marvel got an edge over DC because of this and they took the full advantage of the early start. They faltered at few places(The Incredible Hulk, The Iron Man 2) but everyone including me was excited about one of the greatest superhero ensemble.i.e The Avengers that was about to take place.

Now after The Dark Knight trilogy and the disaster called the Green Lantern(poor Ryan Reynolds, I really felt sorry for him in the movie) DC wanted to launch its cinematic universe and so they did with the release of Man of Steel.

Coming back to my point on why people should be more patient with DC because if we judge by the pure world wide box office numbers of both of the franchises' first film, MOS($668,045,518) defeated IM($585,174,222).But again its just numbers. But there are other valid reasons too.

DC joined the party much later so they definitely had to take a different route than Marvel to be successful. which they are doing by bringing in the Justice League much earlier. And as far as I have seen including BvS trailer and today's release of the first pictures of Suicide Squad, to be honest they have been spot on with their trailers and costumes( Batman and Harley Quinn omg). Their posters are also very artistic and not blunt. What makes me happy is that Snyder, Nolan and Ayer are treating the superhero movies like any other movie. All three of them are geniuses and they are giving the superheroes a more classical treatment.

Also one other great thing is that they are changing the characters a bit to balance things out. For example after watching MOS nobody can call superman by the name of the Boy Scout and also if my assumptions are correct they are also going to show that not every time Batman is irritatingly righteous. So if balance was the concern of DC fans I think they are addressing them the right way.

Agreed that MOS could have been more colorful as a fan showed the whole world few days ago that a slight change in filters would have made more people happy. So DC needs to learn a few things and they need to learn fast.

I could have written more about Marvel but it will be unnecessary as all of us already know what they are capable of. But like many, I am just urging people to stop hating DC. Give them a chance because as for me the more superhero films the better. Healthy debate is always welcome but sometimes some people just cross the line. Its really hurting to see people hating things which they haven't already seen and also hating the authors on here or people who are commenting on the posts. Respect each other and just enjoy the movies as they come and if they don't meet the expectations then we can all hate them together(that last together sounded like Chris Evans in AOU). Some may love DC while some others can love Marvel but at the end of the day we are all comic book and movie lovers and we can be much better.


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