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Sean Smith

soo yeah the bombshell suicide squad pics were pretty bombshellish last night exploding on the heels of the epic avengers 2 age of ultron box office explosion. with great shot of the full team geared up , harley was there . though there has been some look debate clearly the queen of crime from gotham . deadshot , highly debated casting choice will smith , that for me comes down to dang it I cant doubt wills ability . same with affleck ....I know! I know !

then some lesser known but still recognizable characters jai courtney in the captain boomerang gear looked awesome . I didnt dislike the killer croc look either besides ......croc has had so many differnet looks and perspectives throughout the years a little freedom should be expected . katanna looked nice too, what I could see of enchantress was nice as well . the obscurer characters present were slipknot and el diablo not gonna lie to you guys I consider myself fairly nerdy but I don't have much knowledge on these two but overall I think the reveal was well done and could be cohesive even the talks of the deadshot changes to a helmet and not an actual eye dont discourage me that this could be the anti thesis to the avengers and cinematic push to be a powerhose comic movie throne wars so quietly spoke of in the dens if nerdom where we know its there but, hey !lets face it marvel has ruled so far......I know ... I know but it's true .and this following the batman v superman reveals has me optimistic this fight may become real and hey thats good for me cause I am in nerdvana and so glad this amazing medium I have loved my whole life is taking off . how about you guys?


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