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Before you witness the Suicide Squad Set photos in their GLORY, check out the photos David Ayer tweeted out this past sunday.

Nice right? Well I have even more photos for you courtesy of “Just Jared” on twitter. Check them out below..

Will Smith as Deadshot w/ Scott Eastwood
Will Smith as Deadshot w/ Scott Eastwood

My thoughts on the images are very positive! I’ll detail them below.

Will Smith – Deadshot

Love the look, close to resembling the comic book look… I can assure you the look will upgrade in between or by the end of the movie. I am really hating the hate towards the race change with deadshot, it doesn’t matter whether he is black, white , purple or blue.. he is a fictional character and can be changed in any way in a quick second, no questions asked.

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!! I have always loved Margot Robbie and Harley so this is the prefect combo. The outfit is great, not really into those adidas heels she is rocking maybe change into some boots (maybe like the ones daredevil wore the entire season 1 on Netflix???). Her jacket has “Property of The Joker” stitched on the back with “GOOD NIGHT” on her baseball bat!

Jay Hernandez – El Diablo

Probably my FAVORITE character brought to life in the movie, El Diablo has the whole Cholo MS-13 look LOCKED DOWN!!! I have been exposed to gang culture mainly because of my older brother being a gang member himself and hanging with him. I have had few altercations with ms-13 that didn’t end well, and with my experiences I know how they dress and portray themselves.. and El Diablo’s look is Spot on. From the Nike Cortez, Navy Blue Dickie Pants, Wallet Chain, White Tank top or White Tee??, Varsity Jacket, most likely a 9 Milli behind his pants tucked in, a blade somewhere in his pockets and a FUCKING SKULL FACE TATTOOED ON HIS FACE!!! I love it and can’t get enough. David Ayer is creating masterpieces here!

Joel Kinnaman – Rick Flagg

Ehh, he looks like a typical Soldier. Looks good IMO though.

Jai Courtney – Boomerang

JESUS CHRIST, boomerang looks like a fucking bad-ass. Beard is on point, Trench coat, and sweater that reads CAPTAIN (Captain boomerang anyone?). Overall good look.

Adam Beach – Slipknot

I don’t really know much from this character, but by google images this version looks pretty damn good minus the mask he usually wears he wears in the comics. I also found out he fucking hangs peoples with his ropes?? PSYCHO!

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje – Killer Croc

In the group pic, doesn't look good, but with the closer pics.. LOOKS AWESOME! Although this isn’t the Killer Croc we all know, they are obviously taking a more realistic approach.

Karen Fukuhara – Katana

Not too many clear photos of Katana but as far as I can see, she is as stunning as she is in the comics!

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

Only one photo of her and that’s the one from the group pic.. as far as I can see, SHE LOOKS SCARY AS FUCK.

That’s pretty much it guys, that’s my take on the cinematic version if Suicide Squad.. but what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below!


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