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Are you excited for Tomorrowland? I am. I think it will be genuinely intriguing, action-packed, and emotional. Considering Brad Bird directed it and it boasts George Clooney and Britt Robertson, this could be the under-dog movie of the year!

Here's the most recent, exciting, mysterious trailer for Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Trailer 3 Breakdown: Fight For Tomorrow

The Green Screen of Excitement.

A pin. Yay! We're off to an amazing start. My mind is blown already.

Return of the Where am I? Cliche. You must be in Kansas because there's wheat.

So there's a Disneyland in Kansas? I've lived here for seventeen years and I never knew that Kansas had a theme park. My mind is blown yet again.

Running in the dark cliche. Are those storm clouds?

The future. That's actually pretty cool. I'm seriously excited for this movie. Where is this place for real?

Walking past people excitedly cliche. Where's she going? How is this place even real? Gosh, I'm so excited for this movie!

The Disney seal of approval!
The Disney seal of approval!

Disney logo. So basically the movie will be magical and stuffed with blockbuster eye candy and plot holes. Oh wait...doesn't Disney make Marvel movies?

Girl approaches abandoned house. Does this girl have any parents? Seriously, even I know to not walk up to creepy, vine covered houses with painted over doors. Who lives in the house anyways?

What magic will the pin bring?
What magic will the pin bring?

Creepy house with creepy guy has surveillance camera. This creepy guy just shot up the creep scale.

Creepy guy turns out to be George Clooney! By gosh, if this is just a small plot twist, then I'm excited to see the real plot twists!

Who are you kid? Cliche. Where did you get that? Cliche. Okay, so maybe those are some legit questions. I mean, I'm kinda asking the exact same questions right now.

They followed you here? Cliche.

You are harboring a fugitive Cliche. Release her now or else Cliche.

George Clooney has full house and yard surveillance. He lives in a fortified house. This is going to be so great! I can't wait for this movie!

There's something behind you Cliche.

Bad guys raid house and George Clooney fights them off. Wait to go George Clooney! Five points to team Clooney!

This is a scene I want to see. Heck, it's almost as good as Indiana Jones surviving a nuclear blast in a refrigerator. How is that plan good in any fashion? Do they plan to fly out of the house in a bathtub?

By George! They were going to fly away in a bathtub. That's a new one. I can't say that's a cliche.

You ain't seen nothing yet Cliche. Montage of scenes that are difficult to reconcile. What are these places and what do they do? Curiosity is engaged.

Freaked out Cliche. What is she staring at? Someone tell me! I have to know. Darn, guess I'll have to go see the movie.

Inspiring music and saving the world montage Cliche. I can't remember when I was more excited for a movie! This is going to be such a great movie!

Experience it in IMAX Cliche. Wait a second...that's not a cliche. Literally, join me as I go experience this movie in IMAX on May 22. I will be there.

So there you have it! There's my more or less comedic take on yet another movie trailer. I am truly excited for this movie (though not anywhere close to Avengers 2 level) and I think it will be one of the greatest movies of the summer. How about you? Are you excited to go see Tomorrowland in theaters?


Are you excited for Tomorrowland?


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