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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
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Sherlock Holmes, known by generations as the best detective that Scotland Yard had ever worked with. The detective was created, if you didn't know, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle where Sherlock made his first ever appearance in the book, 'A Study in Scarlet' in 1887.

While sticking to his core roots, the concept and character of Sherlock Holmes has been reinvented several times, on both the big screen and for television. It being proven by both these platforms, that the characters success isn't confined within your local cinema.

The classic look.
The classic look.

The BBC's Sherlock deemed well with audiences as it was nominated for one Golden Globe, with another 96 nominations and 62 wins! But the main one that I am sure a lot more of you are aware of, is the man behind the Iron Suit, Robert Downey Jr's version of the character, who came alongside Jude Law as Dr John Watson.

The first film was released in 2009 with the title 'Sherlock Holmes' and a sequel was released in 2011 with the title 'Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows'. Both were received well by audiences, with a new and intriguing way of looking into the character, with his crazy but intelligence acts of bravery, along with his sarcastic yet amusing remarks as he stares death in the face with the addition of great fight choreography that was done in such an entertaining manner, that it was hard to look away.

This version of Holmes took mystery solving to a whole other level.

Like I said, these films were received extremely well even if they weren't close to the source material, but it begs the question, where is part three? They left the sequel on massive cliffhanger, I mean the words 'The End?' were even typed by one of the protagonists, so is it really the end? Should it be the end?

I hope not.
I hope not.

Fans have begged for a sequel and even though one has been teased, there have been no official release dates or when filming might commence, there have been no details about the film, I mean literally none, besides one comment made by Dr John Watson, Jude Law.

"I know there’s a script being played around with, but Downey’s a busy boy and I’m a busy boy so we’ll see. But we want to [do a third film]. We’re a very happy team and we have a lot of fun and we also think there’s still a lot of legs in the duo".

Until today, this had been the most recent news towards any kind of production for the film but on Downey's Facebook page, he released a single of image of himself in some kind of the disguise, of course the context is unknown. But recently Downey has been posting a lot of screen captures from the previous two films, which could have possibly been leading up to reveal sometime soon? I don't know but I'm hopeful! Here's the photo.

Is this Sherlock Holmes in disguise?
Is this Sherlock Holmes in disguise?

This came with the simple caption, 'Master of Disguise...'.

Now if you're are familiar with both the films you will remember that one of the popular traits of Downey's Sherlock Holmes, is that he would use disguises that would even fool the audiences, or at least, they had me fooled up until they actually unveiled who and why Holmes was behind the costume. This was done throughout both of the films and those moments are arguably unforgettable.

Admittedly not.
Admittedly not.

This could easily have nothing to do with the film, and just be ANOTHER tease that will hit us right in the feels if it turns out to be nothing related to the movie. But after the not so successful response to Downey's film 'The Judge' (2014) it's not surprising that he might have realised that he needs these more popular roles to keep his career rolling, as much as I liked the The Judge, there was a lot not right with it and it's not surprising that he could be more interested in reprising his more popular roles in more films, i.e. Captain America Civil War (2016) and potentially Sherlock Holmes 3.

I mean remember, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) does start shooting soon with it's release being just a little over a year away, so it could be a long time until filming or something actually begins for the sequel, maybe with all these disguises, it's been disguised that filming has already commenced. But again, the promotion of Avengers Age of Ultron has taken up too much time, so dang, foiled again.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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