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Josh Goldenberg

Hey guys, it has been a while, but i am back. So I just saw Age of Ultron this weekend and was absolutely thrilled! I talked to my friend Jordan and he and I have a couple of theories.


So, as you saw in Ultron, a new infinity gem was revealed, leaving us with 4 out of 6, Space, Mind, Reality, and Power. So...where is the Soul and Time stones?

What Jordan had suggested is that the Time stone will probably show up in Thor Ragnorock. In the comics, Odin dies and Thor takes over rule of Asgard and Midgard for 200 years, then travels back in time to fix everything that has happened...Time stone in use? MAYBE!!! (AGAIN...these are just theories...)

As for the Soul theory is that we will see it pop up some how in Doctor Strange. Being that it can control souls and such, seems worthy to be placed in a movie with a mystic protagonist...RIGHT!?

Once again, I want to elaborate on how this IS a theory and not fact.

Please feel free to leave any questions and/or your own theories!

Thank you!


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