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Jessica Walek

When my daughter was only a few months old I had left my first husband. I was scared to be alone in my condo and asked my sister to come spend the night. The three of us were all asleep in my bed. I had woken up and breastfed my daughter until she fell back asleep. Then I rolled over and I looked at the doorway and saw a man in a white T-shirt standing there! My first thought was he was a robber there to murder and rape us! I wanted to scream but I couldn't, I had heard the phrase "paralyzed with fear" but had never experienced it. I could not move at all or make any noise, I thought we were going to die, and I kept hoping my sister would wake up, but she never did. I never got "unparalyzed" and ended up passing out. The next morning before I had a chance to tell my sister what happened, she tells me she had a dream there was a man in a white T-shirt standing in the doorway!! She said he rushed towards us in the bed and then she woke up! She dreamt what I experienced!

Flash forward a year or two. My 2nd husband and I were asleep in bed sleeping at the same condo in the same room. I woke up to see the man in the white T-shirt sitting on the end of my bed holding his head looking sad. My first thought was it was my husband, who was prone to tooth aches. I sat completely up and leaned forward towards him. I didn't say anything just lifted my foot and tried to rub against him with it, but my foot went completely through him! Then he let go of his face, dropped his hands and put his face right in front of my face! Like he wanted me to really see his face! It was dark and his features were blurry, I just sat there blinking, trying to focus on his blurry face and then he disappeared! I immediately started to cry. I think he knew he scared mr the first time, felt sad about it and wanted me to see him or maybe know who he was? We moved not too long after that, but sometimes I still think about the guy in the white T-shirt.


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