ByBrad Dee, writer at

As Remender has displayed in many issues of Captain America, he has a way of getting huge storylines together and he has a way of tying up all the loose ends that he starts before he moves on to the next epic. He is not known for the "single issue" storylines and he hates to have loose ends lying around before he can move on. But, as the last issue showed, Marvel had "Secret Wars" planned and they wanted to ensure that no loose ends were left before starting the next chapter of the Marvel universe. What that does for this comic and many others is making a book that crams a few issues of story into one 22 page book. Does it work? On some levels it does. Does it work on this issue? Not really because, just like in the last issue, it seems forced.

One can easily see that when this storyline began, it was supposed to go on longer then it did. By the end of part 4,the world was in peril and it seemed that nothing was going to work out for the hero of the story. But, by the time part 5 rolled around, characters were returning from the dead, the bad guy was defeated quite easily and the master plan was ruined of the villains. But, we still had a cliffhanger to keep us guessing. But, in the final part of the story, we again get the same as everyone goes home happy and the tension is ruined. Even shocks and guesswork that take place in this issue are concluded within a matter of pages. Now, we can't fault Remender for this because of the "higher powers" that work at Marvel. But the true downside of this issue is that it feels that by the time it's all said and done, nothing truly happened. We do have a cliffhanger again at the end, but with Secret Wars even that falls flat because it may never get resolved. As an issue, it is enjoyable and it will fill the action-oriented fan. But, as a overall conclusion to a saga that could easily have lasted 12 issues, it feels rushed and to "happy". I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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