ByBrad Dee, writer at

As "Convergence" reaches stage two in its two month saga, we are starting to see much of the same in the tie-ins. Some are hitting it's mark in terms of action and intrigue while still getting the emotions across of how life is under the dome for a year now. But others are just 22 pages of "fluff" that includes a last page cliffhanger so we can be prepared for the next issue of the story. This comic, like many others in the tie-ins is more of the bad side then the good side.

The book opens in a positive manner as we witness the true love between Lois and Clark under the some, and we are reminded of the years that we watched these characters grow together. The writing and the art was perfect for the issue. It was also a welcome treat to watch Power Girl show her depression and her scars from being under the dome and realizing that life is very different now then how it was before all this happened. But, in terms of good qualities, that is pretty much all I can say. Following that, we get sequences and sequences of Red Son Superman, Professor Luthor, Stalin(I thought he was dead) and zero action. The promise of Red Son Superman and Pre-Crisis superman will have to wait till the next issue, because the dome doesn't even come down in this story until the final page. In terms of quality, this issue misses it's mark on numerous places and if people want to skip this issue, nothing would be missed. The plan for "Convergence" was always to being fans back to a happier time before all the Crisis's and Flashpoint's changed the landscape of the DC universe. With issues like this, we aren't missing much. I give this issue a 5 out of 10.


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