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I remember I was about 14 years old, I was at spring field with my brother and his friend. My brothers friends Mother asked me to babysit the boys the last night we stayed. We were their for 3 nights. My brother slept in his friends room. The mom of the house slept in the living room while I slept in her room. That night I couldn't sleep at all. I heard constant banging coming from upstairs. I eventually slept through it. The next morning my brothers friend asked me to go up in the attic and grab the computer. Right then I asked "attic?" He said yeah the door on the ceiling above my moms bed where u slept. I was in shock because I heard banging, coming from upstairs ... Only to find out their is no upstairs... I asked my brothers friend why doesn't he grab it.. His response gave me chills. He said " I'm scared of the angry man that lives up there". Later on that night I found it extremely hard to sleep. So I stayed up all night in front of the television with all the lights on. The next morning the boys were packing the car up to get ready to go on a rainy day. Out of respect I cleaned up the mud trail that my brother had left by coming in and out. So I started moping real quick before I left then all of a sudden I feel like someone is grabbing at my throat... I couldn't breathe, I was scared for my life. My brothers friends mom walked in to let me know it's time to go and then all of a sudden it stopped I could breathe.. She asks me how'd u get those hand prints around your throat? I ran into the bathroom to take a quick look and their were two man sized handprints around my throat Clear as day. I ran out the house so quick... I ended up telling her on the drive back... But only to find out that she also has witnessed and felt similar erieness...


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