ByDawn Rappa Hoffman, writer at

My experiences started when I was about five years old. We moved into a former Funeral Palor/Jehovas Witness home. It started with innocent things like household items going missing, and progressed to something more sinister. I started hearing eerie Organ Music when I was about Ten years old..usually either after school or very late at night. My parents would try to blow it off by saying it was my Uncle in the garage fixing his car (They designed race cars at that time) Well this went on for years,among other things like record players playing backwards when we came home from shopping, my moms checkbook was lost for months and found one day when we came home and a grandfather clock was turned completely around backwards and there was a checkbook. the grandfather clock weight about 500 pounds. no one could turn it around. also in my bedroom relatedly I woke up 2 ghostly nuns standing at the edge of my bed with no eyes.we had other encounters, like when on a great sunny day a bolt of lightning ca me through the living room. my bedroom closet also had an eerie figure in the wood grain that looked like the Devil...You can't make this stuff up. the best part is when my mom and dad hired a psychic to come visit the house she walked in the house got scared and said she would not come back. she died two weeks later of a freak intestinal blockage. the best part was going to organ music played one night and it did not wake me up but it woke everybody else up in the house. I have a lot more stories to that house but that's just some of the weird stuff door handle shaking that's not so scary.


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