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Okay so as we all should know Hulk left. Hes gonnnne pals. Flew off in a ship towards god knows where. (the pacific ocean is where he was last seen i think.)

Now that we got that spoiler out of the way I have something to discuss about what us hulk fans want. Planet Hulk right?! WWHulk?! Yes please! Now if you have read the issues you'd know that Tony and Steve (iron man and cap) sent Bruce (the hulk) into space because he was being a little bratty. Now in Avengers we didn't see that happen. We saw the hulk himself sending himself to space (maybe) which wouldn't make sense for him to be mad and go back to earth for well...

World War Hulk! He only goes back to earth with his giant army of whatever so he can get revenge on everyone for sending him beyond our solar system! ALSO HE GETS A WIFE! Doesn't he? OH YEAH HE DOES!

from the planet hulk cartoon, watch it its awesome
from the planet hulk cartoon, watch it its awesome

Now this love of his, her name is Caiera. That thing around his neck is to keep him civilized. Who's that guy in the back? Not sure i forgot. Now when he first left to wherever he was going he had already made a connection with Natasha (Black Widow) i mean you can argue saying the hulk and Bruce are two different people technically due to his "PUNY BANNER" saying, but the hulk seemed pretty touched by Natasha since they would always use her to calm his HULK SMASH ass down.

My question is, how can this lead to Planet Hulk? How can Planet Hulk then lead to WWHulk? Now as much as i want it... I don't think we'll be getting it. Even though we heard from Ruffalo himself saying Marvel has it in consideration for a stand alone Hulk movie. See the Hulk gets agitated real easy. If he ends up going to space and marrying Ciaera he can probably be easily manipulated by himself, which can cause him to go on a World War Hulk rampage. Then we have Loki the son of a gun who can play his mind tricks on him. Now i'veseen Marvel phase 3. I'm not sure how its going to play out but i think Marvel will skip Planet Hulk all together and go straight for WWHulk.


What do you guys think?


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