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I can only imagine the kind of comments I'm inviting by putting this story out there, but why not, right?

So all my life my whole family has been very "in-tune", so to speak, with the spiritual world. We didn't really have a choice but to delve into it because we all have so many unexplainable stories that it's stupid. This particular one is one of my personal experienice but is a mix of my point of view and everyone elses around me during the event - only because I blacked out during the most intense part.

One night my boyfriend and I were visiting my family at my parent's house. We've known for a while that it was "haunted". I had just came back to the dinner table after a bathroom trip where I experienced some chills and witnessed the shower curtain moving around (my parents don't have AC and don't use their central heating, just a wood-burning stove, and there's no windows in the bathroom). This was a pretty typical event in my parents house. When I came back, I felt just incredibly depressed and angry and had the crazy urge to literally hit every single person in the room as hard as I could ( note- this is where my memory starts getting foggy, and the perspective of the story changes to that of my mom's, boyfriend's, and brother's). I sat down at the breakfast bar on a stool and just stared blankly at something. They asked me if I was okay, and I just nodded. Again I felt the overwhelming wave of negative emotions towards them. My mom asked what was wrong and I said my back hurts, but I couldn't hear myself talking anymore. Yet somehow I knew what she'd asked me. They lifted up my shirt to see bleeding scratches in groups of 3 all across my lower back (yes I have scars).

At this point, I'm totally blacked out. I felt like I was in a square room with no doors and no lights, everything was just dark and I couldn't see or hear or move. Just completely trapped, with no control. My boyfriend put his grandfather's cross on me. My body started to literally reject it. Imagine how you see some dancers move their chest without moving their shoulders, neck and head and gives the illusion that their chest is popping and that's what my body did when the cross would touch my chest. As if it was trying to inch away from it. Apparently I then stood up and put my head in my hands and rested my elbows on the counter and started crying. They kept asking me what was wrong over and over and I would just shake my head, until they said "Meghan, what is wrong?" and I just started screaming "Look at me!" at them with tears pouring down my face.

My brother hugged me really really tight and I started to come back to "consciousness". I felt like I had just had the hardest workout of my life. I've never been so exhausted. Every muscle hurt and I couldn't even stand, he was just holding me up. I was shaking and pale (and I'm extremely fair skinned, so I was practically translucent). They gave me some water and when I swallowed it I felt like it filled my whole body, all the way to my fingers. That's the best I can describe it as. The room looked brighter afterward, but I can't be sure if that's because it WAS brighter, or if it seemed bright because all I could see was pitch black for a solid 20 minutes.

After this insane event nobody has had any weird events happen in my parents house. Thankfully, because I definitely don't ever want to go through that again or wish it on anyone.


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