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Inmy last article, I laid out the case for DC going down a particular path with their solo movies. You can either read the article here or simply know that the gist was to make every film a universe wide event, with superheroes crossing into each other's franchises freely. In it I mentioned a couple of examples for certain heroes' solo films, but I want to do more, I want to lay out a story to base each and every confirmed film on. That's not to say this is the only way to acheive success, but it is one route. So without further ado, let's get stared, because there's a fair few to get through.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

This one's tricky because it does precede Justice League, but is after [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), meaning I don't know how established the rest of the universe will be. There's also rumours that it will be set a century or so in the past, which would hinder any kind of crossover with our other League members. BUT, that doesn't mean that there can't be any other superheroes. See, in DC's continuity, one idea that's been implemented more than once is that their Golden Age heroes (with the exception of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) all existed in the past, when those characters were in comic books. Those characters are namely: the original Green Lantern, Wildcat, the original Flash and the spectre, to name just a few. So if you're going to have Wonder Woman be set in the past, why not have some of those guys show up. Maybe it's a thing that the Amazons send out a warrior to check up on "man's world" when meta-humans are surfacing, with that being the plot of this film, and then a similar thing happening when she shows up in Batman v. Superman or Justice League. So in her movie, she shows up on mainland, sees that the heroes are good, and helps them take on a large threat, say Hades, allowing this to be a story that centers on Wonder Woman, but also feels like part of a larger world.

The Flash

One word: Flashpoint. You are either doing one of two things now. Smiling at the memory of how good that story is, whether in comic or animated form, or you're sompletely bemused as to what the hell Flashpoint is. Basically, Barry Allen (the Flash) travels back in time to save his mother, inadvertently causing ripples in the space-time continuim (or something, it's all really wierd and not too important) which makes small tweaks to our heroes backstories which completely changes who they are (Thomas Wayne is Batman, Superman is disabled etc), and causes a war between Atlantis and Themyscara (home of the Amazons). It's a story that provides a brilliant character arc for Barry, and also delivers on spectacle alone, posing some incredibly fun what-if questions.


Looking forward to Jason Momoa doing this
Looking forward to Jason Momoa doing this

This one is quite the no-brainer. Throne of Atlantis is a recent story that does two things for Aquaman that the world needs to see: showcases him as a badass, and gives him an incredibly interesting film which involves the whole Justice League while still centering on Aquaman and his mythology. In short, after Aquaman refuses to become the ruler of Atlantis due to how little affinity he feels for his people (he's half human after all), his half- brother Orm ascends to the throne and directs Atlantis in a full scale invasion of the surface world. It's an action packed, thrilling story that provides a spectacle which nothing but Aquaman's world can.


Captain Marvel is a fairly little-known charcater. Sure, a lot of people might recognize him if they saw his costume, but a lot of the world just sees him as a Superman clone. Which, to be fair, he totally was. but over the years his mythology has developed and become a powerhouse in its own right. Still, the general public might still need some convincing. Also, remember how Dwayne Johnson, who is playing Balack Adam (a Captain Marvel villain) said we might see him fight Superman? Well, why not have the movie be a Superman/Captain Marvel team-up. Specifically, base it off of Superman/Shazam: First Thunder, a story which really showcases the difference between the two charcaters and how they complement each other. It's one that really gets to the core of both heroes and provides a fantastic spectacle too.


Victor Stone is a tricky one. He has spent most of his time buddying with the Teen Titans and only in the past few years has he become a Justice League member. He also has precious little source material to pull from as he has rarely been given a solo story. However, that presents an easy way to incorporate him inot this universe. Sure, maybe he can't be a Teen Titan because he'll be in Justice League, but why can't he be their trainer/leader. As such a heartfelt and fun guy, one could easily see him taking it upon himself to train up the next generation of heroes. So why not make his olo movie incorporate that, with him developing from simple soldier into a mentor and hero. It would also be a great way to set up the Teen Titans for their own movie, assuming that the TV series that they're getting doesn't crossover with the movie universe.

Easy, Blackest Night. It's the story that first got me into comics in the first place and it hasn't gotten any worse over the years. It's also the perfect way to incorporate the much rumoured 'Death of Superman' story into this universe. Basically, in Blackest Night, the villain Nekron is resurrected by Black Hand and proceeds to try and eradicate all life via his black lantern core which is made up of what are essentially zombie forms of dead heroes. It's a great story, and while there's a fair amount of backstory to it, there are easy ways to cut that out to make it a more self-contained story that features into the universe they build. But this is a movie that simply needs to be made.

Wrapping Up...

What do you guys think about my choices? Feel free to let me know down below. If you enjoyed this, I also have a YouTube channel, The Big Questions, where I answer important question like can batman beat superman? BUt in the meantime guys, enjoy your lives.


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