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Amy Nicole

I have always saw ghosts for as far back as I can remember. Some good. Some bad. I have certain rooms in family members homes that I refuse to go in. However when it's your own home, it's a little different. We've been living in our home for a little over one year now and the moment I walked in, I knew we had "guests". It didn't really bother me at first. Mind you I'm home alone from 8:30AM until 4:00PM every day through the week. I've had my kitchen cabinets open and close as well as me fridge. No big deal. But one night I awoke from some horrid dreams, with my eyes fixed on the closet doors. There was/is something in there that is full of anger. And it loathes me. I choose to ignore these things. I'm 35 and I've learned how to avoid them if needed. This ghost, spirit, infestation really got angry at my choice. Because it (he) has moved on to my children. My 11 year old daughter got woke up in the middle on the night with a figure hanging from the ceiling at the foot of the couch. My 13 year old daughter has been in their bedroom and saw a figure in the mirror. It got so bad with my 11yr old that she slept with a bible under her pillow and a rosary around her neck! I have witnessed a youngest daughter won at a school dance, get thrown across their bedroom. When I lay in my bed I can see down our hallway and I can see a figure and feel the horrid presence. My cats, at times, refuse to go in the bathroom to eat or use the litter box. And I've had to have my boyfriend close our bedroom door and hang a rosary on the doorknob and one on the closet doorknob! What's really crazy is that before we moved in, the previous owners had the trailer cleansed and thought that took care of the problem which was an old lady. That didn't happen. She's still here but we also have another very angry presence in our home. I'm just wondering if I brought it with me???


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