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Dan Bowdon

I was a troubled teen at age 16 and would frequently go out and party with friends who were into the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll scene. My family had just moved back to my mothers hometown and purchased a house that was about 70 years old. The original owner was a hermit who had blacked out the windows and after many years of torment, hung herself from the ceiling fan in what was going to be my room.

After I graduated school, my partying became more rampant and I started noticing strange things happening in my room. The first instance was my bedroom light would suddenly come on while I was asleep.This happened for about a week before stopping. My father replaced the switches and assumed he had fixed the issue. While my parents were on vacation, one night while I was at home, I was awakened by shattering glass. I discovered no glass on the inside of my house....only shattered glass on the outside. This made no sense to me. Later that night I woke to this impending sense of doom in which made me not want to look around the darkness. I ended up glancing down and there in my corner window sat a shadowy black figure with glowing eyes staring back at me. I sat up in bed and screamed in anger at the being and after I found the light switch, saw the being was gone. However, there was the smell like burnt matches lingering in my room. I told my parents of what happened and they assured me I was dreaming. Several nights later however, I was awoken by the sound of my closed closet door slowly opening to a loud creaking noise. I turned my head to see a white and dark red figure emerge from my closet. The red figure walked to my corner window where it perched looking at me. The white figure, however, hovered over me. It leaned down next to my ear and hissed "you're going to die!" Into my ear and afterwards, both figures walked back into my closet. I moved out of the house one week later and the house got sold to my old football coach and his family....of whom told me they shared similar experiences. The house is vacant today, but neighbors still report lights turning on and off in my old room.


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