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This is a new thing I'm doing because I'm a big believer of finding hidden gems on Netflix, the wonderful streaming service you've all heard of, and every Sunday I go and find a random film to watch. I have now decided to use this to save my fellow Netflixers from watching the deadbeats, and to drive them towards the golden nuggets of joy.

Anyway, this week I was on a high after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so, as I looked for my first film to review, I jumped at the chance to see a film with two Marvel characters in it. I don't mind a good rom-com, and it seemed like it would be a change of pace from the terrible horror films I watch on Netflix.

Thanks for Sharing stars Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins, Josh Gad and Pink. It centres around a group of sex addicts, which the first few scenes prove to be a more serious and life damaging condition than many think at first glance. Ruffalo stars as a veteran of the group, Adam, who has been "sober" for five years. He deals with the addiction in his own way (like not owning a TV or computer) and seems relatively happy to not have any relations, until, that is, he meets Phoebe (Paltrow), a tri-athlete who gets rather extreme with her dieting. However she seems perfect to Adam, who is too scared of her not liking him to tell her about his addiction. Meanwhile, Adam's best friend Mike (Robbins) is trying to deal with his wife, who stuck by him even in the darkest moments of his addiction, and his son, who resorted to drugs and drink to deal with his father's addiction. Adam is also a mentor to new-comer to the group Neil (Gad) who is in an extremely dark place at the beginning of the film, and we watch and see just how far some people have to fall before finally seeking help for this type of addiction. But eventually, partially due to a blossoming friendship with fellow new-comer Dede (Pink), Neil is able to find his way to sobriety. The film is an incredible look at an unusual disease, which not many people honestly consider a real disease, and it is astounding to see just how everyone has their low moments, but are able to overcome them with the support of their fellows. Performances from Ruffalo and Paltrow are pitch-perfect as always. Tim Robbins is stellar, and Josh Gad is an absolute revelation. This was a true gem for me on Netflix, and shows me why you don't need to have all of the biggest blockbusters on a streaming service for it to have a large selection of great films.


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