ByCaitlin Weaver, writer at

My dad passed away about 7-8 months ago now. I would be in my room asleep, and I'd start to hear voices in my head that sounded just like him saying ' Oh, look, look at that black figure in the corner. He's looking stright at you' I woke up stright away and looked into the corner I thought it would be, and there was nothing.

A couple of days after on a Friday night, I had stayed at my boyfriends house. I got a text from my mum telling me she loved me. Obviously I text her back saying I loved her too. When I got home on the Saturday night, she told me to sit down because she had to tell me something. On our old fire place, we had 3 candles going along the top and 3 along the bottom. She told me ' last night when I text you, I was talking to your dad. I told him that if he was here with me to put the end candle out. I didn't say whether i meant along the bottom or along the top, and I didn't say left or right. I was thinking the bottom and on the right.' She looked me dead in the eye and said 'which candle has gone out caitlin?' I glanced over and the candle on the bottom on the right had gone out. I had never felt as many shivers go down my spine, ever. But I wasn't scared. that was my dad's way of telling me and my mum we were safe.


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