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(I talk about Spoilers in this Article, but there are none.)

Having seen Avengers: Age of Ultron twice now, I could write an in depth piece on predictions for future films, a review, what I liked about the film, what I disliked about it, etc. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to explain why I haven’t written so much as a comment in the entire month of April. is a great place to debate films of all genres. It’s the one place online where I don’t see a whole lot of online trolls and their hateful comments. I see a lot of intelligent conversations, debates, and respectful nitpicking. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’ve seen my share of stupid articles, dumb comments, and plenty of hateful trolling, but what’s attracted me to moviepilot is the fact that there’s less of it than on other sites, blogs, etc. This is due, in part, to the creative nature of the site in which the creators both write the articles AND comment on them.

Having said all that, my biggest problem with the site is SPOILERS!!!! I am not talking about writing an article after a film comes out and putting “Spoiler Alert” or “SPOILERS” at the top of the article. What I am talking about is the actively trying to ruin a film for average moviegoers as well as for fan boys/girls. I know this is an unpopular thing to say because it’s so natural for us fans, particularly Superhero film fans, to just be patient.

Movies are art. Some might say to me, “Phil, art belongs to the viewing public and we can do what we want with it.” While I respect your opinion, as an artist, I have to tell you, art belongs to the artists first.

When you walk into an art gallery, you can view the paintings, photos, or sculptures for a fairly decent amount of time, but if you want to take it home with you and discover what it truly means, you need to pay for it. Art is a commodity that increases in value over time so a price needs to be put on it. You can wait 20-50 years for the piece of art to move from a private collection to a museum where you can view it during operating hours for nothing more than a small, suggested donation or nothing at all, but you must be patient.

Another piece of art is a song. A strange piece of art in the fact that, usually, a song, over time, only gets better, and gains more of a personal value, while still retaining a familiar price. The problem with the music industry today is the fact that some artists have to kill themselves touring to make money or to have the label turn a profit, and sometimes, when that’s not enough, rely on advertising from multiple avenues to be able to pay their artists AND turn a profit.

I am NOT one to sympathize with a corporation, but artists, working independently or otherwise, I do feel a personal need to defend. When it comes to films, the Director, Producers, Crew, and Talent are the artists. So I have a particular problem with the fact that people want to ruin said art, and disrespect the artists, by revealing parts of a film before the artists intend to reveal it.

I know that this is an unpopular thing to say but this a particular problem with Superhero genre films. My favorite kind of films, films I love and look forward to more than any other film in the world. And this is why, that every big Superhero film I’ve gone to see since “The Dark Knight”, I’ve felt the need to shut off my internet. You won’t see me online within the month before a film comes out, at least not on places like moviepilot or facebook, or google, etc., my e-mail, for work, but beyond that, nothing. Yes, I’ve gone to extremes to avoid spoilers, but there are people out there, people who claim to love movies, who are actively looking to spoil films before they come out.

After the first weekend, it should be ok, and out there, go crazy, but Spoilers should be avoided in the weeks prior to the film. The more important question is “Where do these Spoilers come from and Why?”

If you get to go to a special screening and your buddy really wants to know who dies in the film, tell him in a quick text, private message, or phone call. This is merely a suggestion, but don’t put it on your google accessible blog or facebook page. Another place they sometimes come from, once in a while, is some journalist jack-off who was lucky enough to be invited to the set of a film and gives major details away, also fairly uncommon.

This is not, however, where spoilers come from. They come from one place: PIRATED FILMS. Where do they get leaked from? I don’t know. And I’m not going to explore the “why?” of Bootleg copies, nor am I going to criticize you for watching one, but I am going to make sure that you understand why I’m complaining.

Part of the reason that we, as a civilization, or a society, go to the movies, is to escape. This is not to say that people’s lives are bad and they need to get out of it, but maybe you have a night off and you want an adventure, or you just finished a book and you’re looking for something different to do, or you want to take your significant other on a date, or you need to keep your kids busy for 2 hours, that’s the magic of going to the movies, is it’s up to YOU to decide what your movie-going experience means, not someone else.

So to have someone ruin a film for me just because I was on the internet and they left major plot points in the comments section of your facebook status doesn’t mean I wanted to see it.

I am not shedding a tear for the pennies Robert Downey Jr. & Kevin Feige will lose as a result of 10,000 people watching a bootleg copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I am feeling a sadness in my heart for the Comic book fan girl who saw a spoiler for Age of Ultron on Facebook’s “Moviepilot Superheroes” page a week before it came out and instantly, and unsuspectingly, felt the magic ripped from her Vibranium core.

If you want to listen to Taylor Swift’s new song for free, listen to the Radio Station, but don’t forget to buy a Radio. If you want to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron for free, wait until it’s on TNT but don’t forget to buy a Television and a cable subscription. If you want to see it when it comes out, go to the movies and BUY A TICKET!!!!



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