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Back when I was in seventh grade, my teacher spurred me to create a superhero. I was unsure about anything to do with this brand-new hero, especially what his name should be or where his his power set would come from. However, between my teacher's nerdiness and eagerness to help me achieve my goal, and my own drive and determination to create a hero like no other, Captain Cappuccino, the Coffee-Powered Superhero was born! I created this hero but at first knew as little about him as anyone else. As I grew older and began to eagerly drink in superhero lore, I kept thinking back to the guy that was originally created as a character to write school stories about. I felt that with the proper amount of effort and creatively-inspired knowledge, I could make a superhero worthy of taking his place alongside people like the Justice League and the Avengers. Over the years, "Cap Cap", as his affectionate nickname is, has been a pet project of mine. He has gone through many refinements, many drastic changes, and at one point, a complete overhaul as a character, (a decision which I quickly regretted and reverted back to his original form). But now, I am proud to present the man who received superpowers from coffee: CAPTAIN CAPPUCCINO!

Poor Cap Cap went through a variety of looks before I settled on one that I truly liked. Here, in chronological order of creation, is a look at all the iterations Cap Cap has had since he was first created.

This was the first rough sketch I made after having created the character. I make no claim to be any great artist, but I feel the general idea is clear. Cap Cap originally had a Robocop-style helmet with a Superman-inspired outfit, featuring prominently his emblem, a steaming mug of coffee.

This is a cg update to Cap Cap I created using an internet site. As you can see, the half face mask has replaced the helmet and the cape and coffee emblem have disappeared.

Not much has changed here except that his belt has gone from grey to black, lost its pouches, and brown stripes now run down the legs. Also, his mask has gone from covering half of his face to a simple domino mask.

Here we have a version of Cap Cap that has a full face mask and two metal canisters attached to his belt. Also, the brown stripes have disappeared from the legs, replaced by brown knee pads.

This is Cap Cap as he appears today. The brown stripes have returned, his belt has reverted back to a more basic form, and the coffee emblem has reappeared, minus the steam rising from it.

Now, you may be asking, just who IS Cap Cap? Where did he come from? How did he get his powers? Fortunately, I have answers.

Michael Hudson was normal once upon a time, but one day, he drank a cup of coffee that had been unknowingly exposed to negatronic fusion energy. This energy affected him in such a way that any subsequent coffee intake gives him his superpowers. However, as with Superman’s inability to use his powers when exposed to kryptonite, Cap Cap is unable to use his powers when NOT exposed to coffee. Meaning, his superpowers are available until the effects of the caffeine wear off. As the effects diminish, so does his ability to use his superpowers. After the caffeine has worn off completely, he must drink more coffee to be able to again use his powers. Also, as an interesting side note, the caffeine source must be coffee. Soda or other caffeinated beverages have no effect whatsoever.

He is aided in his fight by a brilliant scientist named Doctor Turner and his faithful sidekick, Refill stands loyally at his side while his arch nemesis, the Decaffinator, always lurks in the shadows, continuing to plot his downfall with the help of his henchman army, his lieutenant, Grinder, and occasionally, his old frenemy, Nemesis the mercenary.

Now, at this point, you must surely be dying to see pictures of these other important characters. I will not disappoint you!


Let's start with Cap Cap's loyal sidekick, Refill. Refill, much like Batman's Robin, was a teenager whose parents were killed. The difference is that Refill's father was Cap Cap's brother. So, when Refill's parents were tragically killed in a car accident when Refill (whose actual name is Dylan), was seventeen, he was adopted by his uncle Michael and groomed to become his sidekick. Like Cap Cap, Refill's costume has changed significantly, but is generally a heavily armed and armored battlesuit.

This original version of Refill featured a suit that was loosely based on Iron Man. The major differences are, of course the color scheme, the mask, belt, and the fact that the armor pieces are attached to one another over a spandex undersuit.

The updated version sees a more dangerous version of Refill, as he now has a gunbelt. He also has a domino mask and headset to communicate with Cap Cap.

This is Refill as he appears today. His mask now covers half of his face, the belt has altogether vanished, and a coffee pot has been emblazoned on his shoulder armor. Refill's primary job is to bring Cap Cap coffee shots whenever he is unable to access coffee himself. The coffee pot emblem on his shoulder also flips up to reveal a compartment with several different types of grenades in it.


Doctor Turner is Cap Cap's technological guru and maintains the Coffee Cave as well as all of Cap Cap and Refill's equipment, which he often enjoys tinkering with. Turner is unique in that he is one of only two characters to ever have had one piece of concept art made for him.

Now that the heroes are out of the way, it's time to turn our attention to the villains.

Captain Cappuccino has quite an extensive rogues' gallery, most of which has yet to appear in any concept art. For now, I will not discuss the ones who do not have art yet but I will certainly show off those that do.

We will start with the Decaffinator, Cap Cap's arch nemesis. The origin of the Decaffinator is shrouded in mystery. By his own description (which is of questionable accuracy), he was raised in Serbia, but his country of origin remains undisclosed. His accent is singularly untraceable, being a blend of numerous dialects and yet at the same time resembling none of them. He originally was a criminal mastermind known simply as "The Boss". What his real name is, no one seems to know, and while it is believed that he knows what it is, he never reveals it. In the words of one police officer, "The guy's rap sheet includes crimes on every continent and in most major countries." And his sometime-ally Nemesis, (with whom he claims to have been raised in Serbia), has stated on numerous occasions that his arrest record could fill a ninety-volume book. His stays in prison are never lengthy because there is rarely enough concrete evidence to charge him and when there is, he has his henchmen break him out. The Boss, after having had several run-ins with Cap Cap, decided to take on the mantle of "The Decaffinator".


Like most of the other characters in this universe, the Decaffinator's suit has gone through many variations before becoming the villainous costume we know and loathe today.

This is one of those suits that I made and then I wondered "WHY did I make this?!" This one came out of a session where me and a couple buddies were experimenting with different looks for The Boss.

This is another suit that was an early concept for The Boss. It was quickly dropped however because it was eerily reminiscent of a costume worn by another villain from an early 2000's tv show.

This one was just a total gimmick that I made because I was bored one day.

This is the suit in which The Boss appears today. However, after becoming the Decaffinator, he changed his suit again, prompting me to create several variations of his Decaffinator suit as well.


This was an early concept for the Decaffinator's suit.

A second concept suit, wherein the cape has been replaced with a gun holster, a gunbelt has been added, and a necklace completes the ensemble.

This was meant to be a more menacing and gun-wielding incarnation of the Decaffinator.

This is the Decaffinator as he appears today. He still has a gunbelt, but is now clad in green spandex (as a reference to the fact that decaff coffee is frequently in a green pitcher), black gloves and boots, and the cape has reappeared.

The Decaffinator's lieutenant Grinder went through several alterations as well, although a final costume for him has yet to be nailed down.


This was a basic concept for Grinder that was made so I could get a feel for the character.

This one was more spruced up than the prior one and a bit more fleshed out in appearance.

This is the most recent version of Grinder and my personal favorite.


The other major character in this universe is the Decaffinator's frenemy, Nemesis. Nemesis is Serbian by birth but beyond that is very secretive about his personal life. He is regarded as a world-class mercenary and assassin who is willing to take any mission if the price is right. Nemesis is the only character besides Doctor Turner to ever have a single incarnation in concept art.

Long-term, I am hoping to get a film or at least a YouTube series created featuring these guys. If you are interested in what you see here, check out the official Facebook pages for Cap Cap and the Decaffinator which can be found here (Cap Cap)

and here (The Decaffinator)

So, was this worth checking out? If you have any constructive comments, please feel free to give them!


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