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(Warning no spoilers (perhaps) to come, only guesses and opinions)


As Nick Fury brought his mothballed helicarrier to level, Quicksilver says something like "Is that S.H.I.E.L.D?" and Cap America responds with "That's what S.H.I.E.L.D is supposed to be". This got me thinking at the time and led me to what comes next in this article.

I ask you, is this a sign that we've got it all wrong?

Even though it was Cap that put the final nail in the S.H.I.E.L.D coffin by announcing that "It all goes" towards the end of TWS, he showed his commitment to his country/government and the responsibility that heroes also have to it. He didn't quit and find something else as he had suggested to Falcon.

Also, isn't it at the core of his character that actions should be accounted for? Could you really see an MCU Captain America that is in favour of people, however gifted, being above the law? Above registration?

on the other hand....

Tony Stark has been portrayed in the MCU as the government sceptic, with the idea that he knows better than those who would seek to use him for their own ends.

To further his switch of sides, Stark has been made the victim for his public hero persona with the demolision of his prized Malibu pad (ie IM3). Surely, if anyone can see the importance of being able hide ones identity, it him. It is hard to see him lead the fight for registration after such events.

and finally the theory....

Are Marvel about to make Tony and Cap trade places?

Whilst the MCU Cap doesn't perhaps lend himself to the role of mass capturer of fellow super heroes, he definately displays the firmness of character to demand the same dedication to the public safety that the superhero registration is partly akin to. And Tony Stark? Well if AoU has shown us anything, especially from The Visions creation, he is a firm believer in the divine right of the superhero. The right to be treated differently and granted greater latitude than the regular John Doe.

Whilst I haven't read all of the Civil War arc of the comics, I have read the first half, and Tony Stark as a character does not seem to be in the right place for him to assume the same role as depicted on the page. And the key issue for me? There is no more time to develop Tony's mindset, surely, as Cap 3 will be on the big screen before we know it, perhaps a plot twist is staring us in the face?

So will Tony Stark in fact be fighting the power instead? Could we even see the death of Iron Man instead of the death of Cap? Will it be Iron America instead of Iron Spider? One thing is for sure, the MCU likes nothing more than painting a different picture than the comics.

First post done. Leave your thoughts below.


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