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I love Horror Movies,Marvel Movies,Three's Company, l love writing poetry :)
Izzy Wizzy

Wrote this for a lady that was feeling down enjoy :)

She’s Always Dancing To The Beat.

She always walking down that street with her yellow & green beats always dancing to the beat.

She always catching me watching her dance to the beat I think she also is watching me.

Her eyes are like brown coconuts dancing in the sky with her red lips that will haunt me until I die.

Her red lips are like the bloody red apples I see falling from the sky.

Her brown eyes are now focused on mine I swear I think I’m going to die.

She starts to touch me I think I’m going to fly into the dark blue sky.

She can also fly as we are now in the sky.

She holds my hand telling me don’t cry you’re not going to die because your mine.

She is also now mine as we fly deeper into the sky.

She holds my hand saying don’t be afraid you’re special to me.

You will be safe with me as we fly by the green apple trees.

We can finally be more than just that dream because me & you we are now a reality.

I’m now happier then I will ever be knowing she will always be with me.

As we land she starts to dance in front of me I know I have someone here that will be very special to me.

She will never leave me as we are simply meant to be.

She holds my hand as we now walk too eternally.

We really are meant to be just like the green apple tree without the seeds their would be no green apple tree.

Without each other we wouldn’t be.

But I have her & she has me so we are like the green apple tree.

We are now complete like we should be.

Together forever like we should be no problems just her & me.

Happy forever in eternally smiling at one another.

The End


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