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After a series of episodes that had my head on the verge of exploding in my lack of understanding about time travel, it's time for me to recap, review and predict the future of The Flash

Within the aftermath of being seriously disappointed by the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), the Flash this week was the perfect combination of drama and comedy to redeem my faith in comic book to screen adaptations - as per usual. With Ray Palmer's presence unnecessary, Barry Allen's sorrow, transforms to admirable determination, in which we further grow to love this character.

With no intention of starting a war between DC and Marvel, I'll get on with my review.

Noting episode 19’s events of the quasi-Arrow/Flash crossover ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’; the storyline of which, seemed a little 'case of the week', redeems itself it in having a pivotal influence on events in this week’s episodes. Everyman serves Pseudo-Wells well, and gives him the upper hand against Barry.

Glossing over the Caitlin/Barry kiss - a move to placate the fans that ship that, though I personally haven’t felt any chemistry since the pilot; pre-firestorm, the discovery of Wells' corpse seems the last piece of this crossover, yet to still play a significant part.

In episode 20 ‘The Trap’, upon finding Gideon; the artificial intelligence of Wells' time vault, I anticipated the doom of this episode through the hesitancy I felt regarding who she/he/serves, and whether she is actually misleading fans - comic book readers, do we trust her?

To satiate some of that dread, now that the circumstances in which Cisco was supposed to die have been recreated, will he survive this season? Is his destiny to evolve into a hero of his own? or are his memories a precursor to his fate, and not his future?

In my paranoid state of time travel queries, is the future set in stone? If Thawne is thwarted, will Eddie take the position of vengeance against the Man threatening both, his relationship, and his bloodline?

Iris’ discovery of Barry’s alter ego as the Flash in this timeline is unsurprising. Whilst a tad cliche, but quite clearly, a symptom of comic book corniness, the sparks between the two (even when Barry is comatose) is bound to remain unrequited for a while longer. Our taste for the dramatic was fulfilled prior to Barry’s first trip back in time.

In a future that seems more and more open to manipulation, this discovery will not only mean a slow union for the couple, but possibly, an uncertain one.

After seeing the geographically exceptional, meta-human of Arrow, juxtaposed with Iris’ reinforcement of the fact, all is linked to the particle accelerator - when Arrow had us thinking otherwise - I’m wondering if Pseudo-Wells wasn’t alone in his trip to the past.

With the prospect of a timeline in which Wells has harnessed the ability to create meta humans intentionally, can we bring back the real Wells via the same process -because I didn’t want to see his mangled corpse for no reason -or time travel a past Wells for a doppleganger dual? I don’t know, time travel is a tricky thing to speculate. Comic book fans, what do you know, that we don’t?

Speaking of dopplegangers, is this how Killer Frost will appear? or will she surface within her correct timeline? Unlikely that Caitlin possesses memories that seem specific only to Cisco’s fate, will Kaitlin have to face off against the reinforcements I think Pseudo-Wells brought with him?

With everything coming to a head, I can’t wait for Killer Frost to make an appearance and leave those loose ends unravelling, rather than tied up.

This week’s episode seems to distract us away from any direct action against Wells, and focuses on Grodd; the LOST-esque random animal, or precursor/prototype to Gideon and/or Meta humans.

Whilst the team fight the super Gorilla, will we have a moment to focus on Iris and Cisco. As a traumatized victim of the Lost series, Grodd can be happily unexplained in favour for some answers about Cisco’s alternate-timeline dreams, or some Iris/Barry developments. I can take it.

What are your thoughts on the Flash’s impending season finale? A few episodes away, how will things pan out?


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