ByDenny Erickson, writer at
Denny Erickson

Arguably The Most Read Comic Book Of All Time ,SPIDERMAN has Graced The Small and Large Screen for Almost 40 years Now ,However whats never been done is Kept any Kind of Continuity, Changing storylines and Bios You People (Sony and Marvel ) allowing the SPIDERMAN Legacy to get rewritten and HACKED up is destroying the Backbone of Marvel Comic Book Sales of all time , every single time you allow this to happen , and do not have any continuity the public just says screw it why bother , if Execs did to SPIDERMAN What they are doing with Avengers and Agents and the Rest of The Marvel projects by keeping a strong line of continuous story line that all meshes up and carries over and back again. . Allowing Sony To Destroy the Franchise makes it very hard to take any incarnation of Spidey seriously. .Will SPIDERMAN ever be a blockbuster again ? Maybe , but take some notes from the Avengers and keep your story line straight and use a real nasty dark story like The Kraven Series and Venom As Its supposed to be Really Horror movie scary and bring up and keep the Actor going allow us to see the same Actor/ Spidey Become not only the Hero he is now but allow us to see The mistakes and choices he made along the way ... Spidey is Loved Because he is relatable , He shows us even if you have superpowers you still have to go through all the same heart break and BS that everyone else does ,you have to pay your rent ,remember flowers for your anniversary , etc and Still BE the Superhero That Marvel Readers Expect to See .. Choose 1 Spidey , keep him ,grow him and the story , keep the story lines straight ,crossover with Avengers with style and Grace and then Back Again to a Summer Blockbuster .. Or Just Keep Going Like You Have and Watch Your investment circle the drain. ..


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