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I never got to meat my grandpa on my mothers side. He died three month before i was born, and we never had a photo of him. When i was nine my family had moved out of our city home and into a county home with three and a half acres and 90 acre dairy farm across the street.

One night my mother was out at my aunts house, my older brother was gone to a friends for the night and my dad was in the basement. I was watching TV upstarts and got up to use the bathroom down the hallway. At the end of the hallway i saw a tall man standing and looking at me. He had salt and pepper hair, a plaid shirt blue jeans and military boots on. I got scared and ran down the stars to the basement and told my dad. He ran upstairs with a kaftan (Japanese sword). When we got there the guy was gone.

when my mom got home i told her i saw a ghost and described him to her. She told me i had just perfectly descrubed her father and that every time she had moved to a new home he came to visit her. The thing is i look exacly like my mom.


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