ByBenjamin Griffin, writer at

If you like doll horror movies this is for you the lakeshore Strangler is coming to get you. But when he gets gunned dow by a police and uses voodoo to get in side the doll you know your in for something. So now the five year old Andy a cute little boy who wants a good guy doll but mom can't afford so at work she finds one in the alley way so she buys it. And brings it back to Andy and says the words that start the whole movie. "Hi I'm Chucky wanna play" funny and maybe cute but when Andes mom finds out the doll is alive that was not good. How they kill the doll is first they set him on fire and then shoot him to death. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this review its my first one so thanks for reading I will be doing more reviews as we go peace and quick question... Wanna Plaaaaay?


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