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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

[The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027) will be the beginning of the epic battle of Thanos and The Avengers. Thanos has one of the worlds most powerful weapons in the universe in the Infinity Gauntlet. In order for the Infinity Gauntlet to be utilized to its full potential, the owner must harness the power of the six Infinity Stones. Now, we have already for sure seen 4 out of these 6 Stones, The Power, Mind, Reality, and the Space Gem, but has Marvel been waving one in front of our faces this entire time? Heimdall, the protector of Asgard, may be in possession of one of the two remaining gems.

T-Tesseract, H-Heimdall? A-Aether, N?, O- Orb, S-Scepter

Could all the items containing the Infinity Gems spell out Thanos?

Does Heimdall posses the Soul Gem?

Is it possible that Heimdall has been in possesion of the Soul Gem? I believe so, the evidence is all there to support it.

It all in the eyes!

Have you ever wondered why Heimdall's eyes glow orange? Perhaps it is because he has harnessed the immense power of the Soul Gem. Heimdall has stated he has they ability to peer into the SOUL of 7 trillion people. The Soul Gem can reveal information by peering into another's soul or using the ''Cold Light of Truth''. That seems like what Heimdall describes his ability's being capable of. Heimdall having glowing orange eyes and having the ability to peer into ones soul is a definite indicator that Heimdall may posses the precious Stone.

What's that Gem in his Armour?

Do you see that tiny orange stone in the middle of Heimdall's Armour? Could that be the actual Soul Gem itself? It definitely looks as so, the color seems to be accurate and the size seems to be about right. Heimdall could possibly use the Stone, which is attached to his Armour, to harness the power of the Stone and give him his abilities. Much like Loki and his Scepter, which contained the Mind Gem. Could this be the reason as to why Heimdall is so powerful?

Is this why Heimdall protects Asgard?

You have to be pretty powerful to guard the Rainbow Bridge Bifrost which connects Midgard and the almighty Asgard. When someone travels on such road and attempts to enter Asgard, it helps Heimdall to be able to peer into ones soul and reveal their true intentions. Being in possession of one of the Infinity Stones makes you a very powerful individual. Heimdall is definitely one of the most powerful beings in all of the known universes, having the Soul Gem definitely does not hurt and makes you very fit to guard the land of Asgard.

Does this mean Heimdall's Death?

We all know that Thanos will have to acquire all 6 Infinity Stones to utilize the Gauntlet's full potential. This means he will need to most likely kill anyone who stands in his way. The Vision for example will most likely be killed due to the fact that the very thing that gives him life is the Mind Stone, which was extracted from Loki's Scepter. Unfortunately, this means the possible demise of Heimdall if he in fact were in possession of the Soul Gem. I hope this is not the case, I am a big fan of Heimdall, it would be crushing to see him parish at the hands of Thanos. While all of my theories are mere speculation, there is no doubt that the case could be made that Heimdall in fact is the sole possessor of the Soul Gem. It will be interesting to see how things shake out in Civil War and eventually in the Infinity Wars. Will we see the end of Heimdall? We may if he in fact does own the very powerful Soul Gem.


Do you think Heimdall is in possession of the Soul Gem?


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