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With Dc once again about to do another “reboot” starting with a comic book called Convergence and marvel about to do a real “reboot” with a crossover event named after the original crossover event from the 80’s called Secret wars claiming that this is the end of the marvel universe as we know it and the beginning of the new starting with the merger of the classic and ultimate earths.

I thought its time I should talk about comic book events in Dc and how I am about to tell you a real reboot idea for both companies Dc and marvel.

It started in the 80s in dc comics when the company has realized they have continuity problems, the editors have thought of an idea they decided to do a crossover called crisis of infinite earths which can be used to clean up DC's convoluted continuity.

This event focus on heroes trying to save their earth but at the cost some of their fellow friends died and their history rewritten with a different take of origins which can be used for modern readers.

Although this process works however some of the traits from dc comic history remain there such as dick Grayson’s partnership as robin is still there for example but he is still as nightwing and they even didn't resolve many loose plots as well.

Nowadays crossover events come every year in most comic book companies even Dc does some special crossover events before “rebooting” their characters history such as zero hour ,Infinite crisis, flashpoint and now Convergence and marvel is about to do the same thing with secret wars.

Now let me explain about comic book crossover events in Dc (and marvel) for example the problem is that they don’t give closure to the superhero characters ,whenever there is a crossover event before some characters will die and history alters the characters origin and history they don’t give closure and a true ending and why because they believe that doing that will cause problems to their company and will lose money and readers aren’t for that it’s because its fear of ending their beloved characters stories is a problem well I am okay with that but they don’t .

You see during the golden age of comics ,Comic books were aimed for everyone though some has little mature elements in it such as the wife beater part in action comic 1 (1938) and the bad guy died in a chemical vat in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) but then silver age came with the marvel comic debut of fantastic four where it introduce the concept of superheroes not only fighting against super villains and save people but deal with their regular lives and personal lives which is what cause teens and college people to get attracted to those comics which we are doing today and the same time at dc comic the new versions of flash and green lantern were introduced to replace the golden age ones which are cancelled back then ,‘continuities’ are also included in marvel and Dc repeat the same process marvel does using continuity’

Then in the 70s mature type were introduced real-world issues such as drug use, alcoholism, and environmental pollution including death element in comics. And then the 80s comics like the dark knight returns and watchmen introduce the dark concept of comics leading to superheroes comic only for teenage audience today.

Nowadays superhero comics are considered mainstream media when they are used as material for the current thing of Superhero movies and cinematic universe.

Anyway back to my topic every year or decade American comic book companies like dc and marvel keep on rebooting comic book characters with crossover events such as crisis of infinite earths, Infinite crisis, and flashpoint including marvel with secret wars however the problem is that it’s also used to remove the familiar things that we love with the characters including the old status quo (which will happen in Dc convergence) that we all love, both companies keep on using long running continuity in their comic book universe they are not like modern comic book series which are creator owned and miniseries because they a beginning, middle and an end including manga from Japan.

Companies and even fans don't want their long running characters and universe to end with a final story because for the company side doing that will cause their company to bankrupt and for fans side they don't like to let go and move on to other things the reason is that the long running old character in both companies Dc and marvel inspire them I get it but the problem for both companies is long running continuity both companies and fans don't want to end it well I do I want to give both DC and Marvel a universe a closure they need and to resolve the loose plots and to do that I am going to use my idea that will help revolutionize the American comic book industry and will end the age of American comic books as we know it.

You see inspired from the kamen rider and super sentai series from japan I watch during my high school days each season has a beginning ,a middle and an end and it gave me a idea that both DC universe and Marvel universe should do the same thing instead of their use of ‘rebooting’ and ‘retcon’ like they usually do.

My idea is to give a final crossover event to both Dc and marvel universe have them fight their enemies to save their earth one more time not to include retcon or reboot event and then earth will be saved then have their real final issues to give the characters more closure and give them either happy endings or bittersweet endings then we readers will move on to a new universe with new history similar to marvel’s ultimate universe but the exception is that we readers only focus on the new universe instead since it will replace the ‘classic’ ones you see the new universe will have new superheroes who will have the title like their predecessors but will have new identities and new origins but will not have any connection to their predecessors from the previous universe and no mention of the old universe as well but we readers will see that they have the familiarity of them within the new characters for example the superman in the new universe will not be Clark Kent but will have the similar powers like the predecessor but with a different origin and a batman in the universe will not be Bruce Wayne but will also have the similar traits like his predecessor but with different origins as well the flash in the new universe will have the powers like his 2 predecessors but will have a new identity and a new origin. Consider this as a fresh start to new and old readers alike

Here how it goes in a chart I made.

Chart to represent the process of my idea.
Chart to represent the process of my idea.

Circle A-represents the current dc universe that we are all familiar with but it also has the post convergence which is called ‘Divergence’ in it however if we give a closure to them with a ‘final’ event crossover event and give a finale to the superheroes that we love including ending the long running continuity that’s been there with our grandfathers, our fathers and even us then we focus on to circle B which will contain new superheroes with new stories but will not have any mention of the old universe which will be considered as a fresh start .

Circle B –will contain the new DC universe but will not have any mention of the ‘old’ dc universe since it will contain new superheroes with new stories but some of them will have titles like the old predecessors but they will have new identities and new origins but will have similar traits like their predecessors and will also include new villains based on the predecessors from the previous universe including original ones and it will be used to replace the main classic ones since their stories end ,It will run for few years before moving on to circle C with the same process that we did to circle A.

Circle C- represents another new universe similar like the process from circle A to B it will be a new universe we readers will focus on after we finish reading the final crossover event to the new dc universe circle B few years later and like circle B it will contain new superheroes with new stories but some of them will have titles like old predecessors but they will have new identities and new origins but will have similar traits like their predecessors and will also include new villains based on the predecessors from the previous universe including original ones.

And Circle D- represents the process repeating every few years as we readers will move on to each different DC superhero universe when their tales are finished.

So what I am saying is that this idea will revolutionize the American comic book industry as we know it because instead of rebooting and reformat character’s history and sometimes remove the familiar traits we know and love we will give them closure a finale before moving on to new universe it’s like finally cleaning the chalkboard clean with a wet towel and it will be similar idea Julius Schwartz idea of replacing and reviving flash and green lantern with new origins, new concepts and new identities but unlike that it will to be the whole Dc universe and unlike the ultimate universe which is the ‘secondary’ course to the ‘classic’ marvel universe the new universe will be the main one instead to entertain the readers only.

As for seeing the old ones we can have them reunite with the new during maybe some special event to the characters history (just like the day of the doctor from doctor who or some super sentai team up films and kamen rider films) or the companies anniversary maybe Dc and marvels 100 the anniversary so what do you say will you support my idea which will revolutionize the company. Now I understand it might be a idea ending the old classic that we love is a bad idea but think about it new readers will attach to it and maybe old readers will someday accept it as well ,Trust me my idea will someday change the American comic book industry as we know it.


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